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8:08 Today in New Zealand History

1820 - the arrival of several Russian ships to New Zealand.

8:13 The Shearing's Coming Round (Wright/Jessett)

Phil Garland CD Kiwi SLC 261

8:16 Blade Shearing Still Has its Place

Raewyn Reese Jones reports in a 1995 Country Life item.

8:40 The Shearers' Jamboree

Kokatahi Band Kiwi TC KML 6

8:43 Great Moments in New Zealand History

Halley's Comet in 1910

8:47 New Zealand's "Deanna Durbin" of 1938, June Barson tells her story. Part Two.

Il Bacio (Farni)
June Barson 78 Regal Zonophone G 23311

8:59 Goldrush (Monroe)

Hamilton County Bluegrass Band Kiwi TC KML 6

9:11 As I Remember

The First Test, Carisbrook, 1956, by Allan Smith of Christchurch.

9:16 You Can't Win (Cape)

Peter Cape Kiwi CD SLCc 255

9:20 The 1970s in New Zealand- Part Five

"It's a great place to bring up kids - isn't it?"

9:33 Honeysuckle Rose

Sunny City Seven RNZ CD

9:36 Homework

9:37 Bookshelf

The Golden Land by Franki Wood
First Edition
ISBN 978 1 877479 27 4

From the Other End of the World edited by R K Dean
GWW Services P.O.Box 5544 Hamilton
ISBN 978 0473 16385 1

Power from the People to the People by Cheryl Riley
West Coast Electric Power Trust
ISBN 978 0473 157289

9:45 New Zealand Tales for Overseas Listeners - 1950s.

9:55 Black Velvet Band (trad)

Bruce Pownall and the Bluegrass Expedition Kiwi TC KML 6

9:59 The Bush Band in March Time

Canterbury Bush Band Kiwi TC KML 6