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20 December 2009

8:07 Today In New Zealand History

Samuel Ironside's establishment of a mission station in Port Underwood during 1840.

8:13 As I Remember

Carolling by Keith Hambleton.

8:20 How Sweet The Name (Tremain)

Wellington Citadel Band of the Salvation Army LP Viking VP 95

8:23 From the Back Country

Elaine Low and a beachfront Christmas at Ohope.

8:36 Traditional Air (We Three Kings)

Fred Dagg 45 EMI Promo 1

8:38 As I Remember

At The Barrier by Maureen Joy Cumming, read by Alison Lloyd Davies.

8:42 A Carol For Christmas (Kit Powell)

Choir of St Mary's Cathedral, Auckland 45 Kiwi EC 28

8:46 Pam Oughton recalls her career in the motor trade in conversation with Rob Webb

Part 2

8:57 Persil Commercial

8:59 Crayfish

Norman Meehan RNZ CD 9047

9:07 As I Remember

The Wind and The Snow by Graeme Anderson, read by David Knowles.

9:12 Po Marie (Silent Night)

Putiki Youth Choir conducted by Kingi Ihaka HMV HR 89

9:16 New Zealand Building History by Nigel Isaacs

Part 6 - Wall Linings

9:25 As I Remember

A Policewoman Recalls (extract) by Myra Lane, read by Lucy Orbell

9:28 God Defend New Zealand

Arranged by R Lesley Hunt and sung by blind music students. With comments by Sam Hunt.

9:32 From the Back Country

Bob Collins recalls his time as a firerfighter, part 2.

9:41 Chinese Christmas Cradle Song

Mornington Methodist Church Choir, Dunedin HMV PR 614

9:46 As I Remember

Jack's Mill School by Katheleen Baynes and John O'Brien.

9:53 In Search of Father Christmas in 1995

9:59 The Fine Print

Norman Meehan RNZ CD 9047