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8:08 Today In New Zealand History

13 December 1642, Abel Tasman's first sight of New Zealand.

8:17 Charlie's Bash (Peter Cape)

Arthur Toms CD Kiwi SLC 255

8:21 From the Back Country

Bob Collins recalls his years as a firefighter.

8:33 Wairangi (Kaihau)

Te Mauri Meihana (Mollie Mason) 78 Columbia DO 62

8:35 New Zealand Building History by Nigel Isaacs.

Part 5 Stable Foundations

8:44 Grasshopper (Raggitt/Posa)

Peter Posa CD EMI 578619

8:47 Pam Oughton recalls her career in the motor trade in conversation with Rob Webb (Part One)

9:05 As I Remember

Memories of being a police woman in the 1950s by Myra Lane. Read by Lucy Orbell.

9:20 Shifting Whispering Sands (Gilbert)

The Stardusters CD BMG 74321 392832

9:24 As I Remember

Otematata Story by Andy Esperseon of Stoke.

9:26 Charleston Medley

Ben McDonald

9:31 Book

Promised New Zealand - Fleeing Nazi Persecution by Freya Klier
Otago University Press
ISBN 978 1 877372 76 6

Ruth Filer recalls her 1930s girlhood.