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Sunday 6 September 2009

8:08 Intro

8:10 Today in New Zealand History for 7 September

A story of a Maori warrior.

8:17 Bookshelf

Dear Alison
Edited by Simon Pollard
Penguin ISDN 978 0143304409

8:18 The Music/History Quiz

A 1940s radio feature introduced by Fred Barker. Singer Audrey MacNamara and pianist John Parkin.

8:27 Sullivan's Century Quiz (1952)

Read by David Knowles
High Noon (Washington)
Frankie Lane CD Old Gold OG 9082

8:34 From the As I Remember Archive

Nursing in the 1950s by Isobel Campbell, read by Cheryl Watts and first broadcast in 2002.

8:42 The Income Tax Inspector (Flanders and Swann)

Inia Te Wiata CD Kiwi Pacific SLC 248

Piano Maurice Till - recorded Wellington Town Hall 1962

8:50 From the Back Country

Harold Clarke remembers running the post office at Doubtful Sound in the 1960s.

9:06 As I Remember

The Rangiora Free Public Library by Roger Ridley Smith, read by Justin Gregory.

9:16 The Golden Shears (Bird)

The Corvettes Cassette Kiwi TC KML 6

9:17 Homework

9:21 Jeff Barker reports on new Fiat railcars on the Picton-Invercargill run in the mid-1950s

9:35 Book of the Week

Helen Clarke - A Political Life
by Denis Welch
Penguin ISBN 978 014320241 7

Jim Sullivan talks to author Denis Welch about his biography of Helen Clarke. Is it really too soon to be looking at Helen Clarke's life?