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8:10 The Great Balloon Mystery of 1909

8:12 Hine E Hine (Te Rangi Pai)

The National Maori Choir CD WEA 903172870-2

8:19 From the Back Country

Jack Perkins talks to helicopter pilot Dave Richardson about his experiences in the 1960s and 1970s.

8:40 You Can't Win (Cape)

Peter Cape CD Kiwi SLC 255 Tk 11

8:45 Bookshelf

New Zealand: Portrait of a Nation
Graham Stewart
Grantham House ISBN 978 1 86934 109 1

8:46 Dorothy Butler remembers her Auckland childhood

Part 1

9:06 As I Remember

Daily History Lesson by Kathleen Baynes of Waikakahi Valley.

9:11 This Ole House

Pat McMinn 78 Tanza Z 236

9:19 Sullivan's Century - 1955 - read by Warwick Burke

Rock Around the Clock (Freedman) CD Tk6
Bill Haley and the Comets Black Tulip 263

9:27 Hinemoa and Tutanekai (Ihaka)

Peter Sinclair with Wellington Anglican Maori Club. Tk9 CD EMI 538947 2

9:33 The Lusty Men (Webb)

Band of the Royal New Zealand Navy CS LP EMI HSD 1031 Tk 1

Band formed 1961 then reformed in 1971 with 24 musicians

9:36 Book of the Week

Gerry Wright talks about his naval career and his writing of books on naval history.

A Kiwi on Our Funnel ISBN 9780473 108229

Mururoa Protest ISBN 9780473178 4

We Were There ISBN 9780473120931

All published by the author.

9:58 Hansen's DDT commercial