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Sound Historical Rundown Sunday 30 November 2008

8:08 Intro

8:09 Today in New Zealand History

Discovery of the Chatham Islands 1791

8:14 Aotearoa (The Land of the Long White Cloud) (Goodwin)

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
LP EMI 434 649

8:18 Bookshelf:

The Mock Funeral - a novel of the Irish Riots on the Goldfields of New Zealand by David McGill
ISBN 978-0-9582451-7-3
Published by Silver Owl Press

Diggers, Hatters and Whores - the Story of the New Zealand Gold Rushes by Stevan Eldred-Grigg
Published by Random House ISBN 978-1-86941-925-7

8:22 The History of Building in New Zealand by Nigel Isaacs

Part 4 - The Changing Shape of Window Glass.
When I'm Cleaning Windows (Formby)
George Formby LP Hallmark
300282 CD

8:32 A Sound Life

Peter Downes remembers his sixty years in radio production. Episode 10.

9:00 News

9:06 As I Remember

The Week that Was, Episode 4. Thursday, Chup and Sharkey. Read by Alison Lloyd Davies.

9:11 Fish and Chips

Paul Nicholas and Company First Night
OCRCD 6009 3'57"

9:16 Interview with retiring Sounds Historical producer Alison Lloyd Davies.

The Auld Scots Sangs (Bethune)
Ernest McKinlay 78 Columbia 01552

9:32 As I Remember

Philip Kenning "Shorty" Fowler recalls his Wellington - Nelson flight on 11 November 1921. Interviewed by Bob Irvine in Palmerston North.

9:39 Book of the Week: Freedom to Read. A Centennial History of Dunedin Public Library By Mary Ronnie

Jim Sullivan talks to Mary Ronnie about the history of the Dunedin Public Library.
Dunedin Public Libraries

9:58 Outro