9 Apr 2016

The Secret Life Of Lighting Techs

From The Secret Life Of, 4:05 pm on 9 April 2016

Vodafone Music Awards 2013 - Iva Lamkum's Backdrop from lotech on Vimeo.

"You could feel the music rising. You could feel what he was creating with that track, and it was building and building like a wave. You're able to follow it with the lights, with the strobes. And you can almost tell the point where it's going to crash. And that's when you hit everything. The room goes white, the room goes strobing pink. Everyone throws their hands in the air. That's happening because an operator somewhere is pushing a button - manually - in time with what's happening"

Lighting technician Brian Mahoney remembers a gig with Welsh DJ/producer Sasha.


Lighting design is an element of performance we can often take for granted. But a lot of talented people work long hours behind the scenes to make your favourite gig even more memorable.

Tony Stamp delves into the world of lighting technicians, designers, and video operators.

This audio is not downloadable due to copyright restrictions.



See the Alexander Turnbull Library's collection of live music photos by NZer Wendy Collings of Tymar Lighting.

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