18 Jul 2015

The Secret Life of Synesthetes

From The Secret Life Of, 4:05 pm on 18 July 2015

For some people music is more than simply a sound, a tingling in the ears, a buzz on the lips or a bassy sensation in the chest- a simple note can evoke a private world of colour and form, that is completely involuntary.

Emma Smith meets a handful of artists with synaesthesia and talks to leading synaesthesia experts about what these extra sensory traits could mean for all of us.

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Music Details

Artist: Leopold Stokowski & The Philadelphia Orchestra
Song: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Composer: Dukas
Album: Fantasia OST 
Label: Festival

Artist: The Mint Chicks
Song: ABC Reharmonised
Composer: Nielson/Nielson
Album: Bad Buzz

Artist:  Alphabethead
Song: Beautiful Fence 
Composer: Morrison 
Album: Quartz Plumage

Artist: Edan
Song: I See Colours
Composer: Edan
Album:Beauty and the Beat
Label: Lewis Recordings

Artist: Straighjacket Fits
Song: She Speeds
Composer: Carter
Album: Life in One Chord
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Diving
Song: Synesthesia
Composer: Hill
Album: Synesthesia

Artist: Pharrell Williams
Song: Baby feat. Nelly
Composer: Williams
Album: In My MInd

Artist: Kristin Hersh
Song: Snake Oil
Composer: Hersh
Album:The Grotto
Label: 4AD

Artist: 50 Foot Wave
Song: Hot Pink Distorted 
Composer: Hersh
Album: Free Music
Label: Reincarnate

Artist: Andrew Bird
Song: Pulaski at Night
Composer: Bird 
Album: I Want To See Pulaski At Night
Label: Grimsey Records

Artist: LJ Rich
Song: , Gothenburg Trees, London Sunset Sounds Like This, Flying Through Colour 2, 
Composer: Rich
Album: ljrich.wordpress.com

Artist: Eyeliner
Song:  Pinot Noir
Composer: Rowell
Album: Buy Now
Label: Beer on the Rug

Artist: Nancy Ambrose King
Song: Metamorphoses After Ovid for Solo Oboe Op. 49 02 Phaeton 
Composer: Britten
Album: Evocations
Label: Boston

Artist: Frankie Knuckles
Song: Your Love
Composer: Knuckles
Album: Your Love
Label: Btech

Artist: Jorge Montilla & Hamilton Tescarollo
Song: Sonata for E-Flat clarinet and piano: IV. Molto vivace
Composer: Montilla/ Tescarollo
Album: La Revoltosa
Label: Clarinet Classics

Artist: Eurythmics
Song: There Must Be an Angel
Composer: Lennox/ Stewart 
Album: Be Yourself Tonight

Artist: Alphabethead
Song: Interzone Intermission
Composer: Morrison 
Album: Quartz Plumage

Artist: The All Seeing Hand
Song:  Clot
Composer:  The All Seeing Hand
Album: Mechatronics
Label: Muzai

Artist: Shapeshifter
Song: Out Of Love 
Composer: Shapeshifter
Album: Real Time
Label: Kog Transmissions

Artist Myung-Whun Chung / Radio France Orchestre Philharmonique
Song: Couleurs De La Cite Celeste 
Composer: Messiaen
Album: Myung-Whun Chung Conducts Messiaen
Label: Deutsche Grammophon

Artist: SSELLF
Song: Rainbows Don’t Look Like That
Composer: SSELLF

Artist: LJ Rich
Song: This Morning’s Sunrise
Composer: Rich
Album: ljrich.wordpress.com

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