30 Aug 2014

The Secret Life Of Music Radio

From The Secret Life Of, 4:05 pm on 30 August 2014

Kiwi FM's Charlotte Ryan

If you’ve noticed the back of buses, billboards and the size of cash prizes up for grabs at the moment, you may have guessed that commercial radio stations are currently “in survey”.

It’s a twice yearly process to measure how big each radio station's audience is, and based on the results, how much money those stations can charge advertisers to reach their audience.

With audience numbers for traditional media shrinking, it seems timely to take the temperature of the country’s niche commercial music stations.

There’s George FM, a backyard dance music station that’s grown rapidly in recent years.

Radio Hauraki has a long, illustrious past, but has recently shed its old listenership while targeting a new demographic.

And then there’s Kiwi FM, which in 2005 secured the frequencies saved for a youth radio network with a promise of  %100 local tunes, and has now opted for a broader range of music.

Nick Atkinson meets with a wide range of industry professionals from around the world to find out what’s on the horizon for music radio.


Artist: King Kapisi
Song: Reverse Resistance Instrumental
Composer: Bill Urale
Album: Savage Thoughts
Label: Festival

Artist: Broods
Song: Bridges High Hoops REMIX
Composer: Georgia Nott, Caleb Nott, Joel Little
Album: Single
Label: Island

Artist: Mëstar
Song: Distant Sun
Composer: John White and Mëstar
Album: Porcupine
Label:Yellow Eye

Artist: Blue Boy
Song: Remember Me
Composer: Alexis Blackmore
Album: Remember Me
Label: D:vision

Artist: Salon Kingsadore
Song: Accidental
Composer: Salon Kingsadore
Album: Mountain Rescue
Label: Sarang Bang Records

Artist: DJ Food
Song: The Illectrick Hoax feat. Natural Self, Percussion Map
Composer: Kevin Foakes
Album: The Search Engine
Label: Ninja Tune

Artist: P Money, PNC, Scribe, David Dallas
Song: George FM Free-Style
Composer: Azealia Banks, Jez Martens, PNC, Scribe, David Dallas
Album: Unreleased
Label: George FM Recording

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Song: Moby Dick
Composer: John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page
Album: Led Zeppelin
Label: Atlantic

Artist: Dimmer
Song: I Believe You Are A Star
Composer: Shayne Carter
Album: I Believe You Are a Star
Label: SONY

Artist: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Song: Retreat
Composer: Bosko Mann
Album: Give The People What They Want
Label: Daptone

Artist: Dan Aux
Song: Talking Quietly, Sun Dog, Japanese Soul
Composer: Daniel Matthews
Album: Playlist

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