23 Oct 2021

What's art got to do with it? Megan Dunn on art in hospitals

From Saturday Morning, 9:35 am on 23 October 2021

Megan Dunn joins the show to discuss the intersection of art and life, looking at the ways art is and isn't good for our wellbeing. This week, what art hangs on the walls of the hospital and why? 

Dunn’s interest began when she noticed a photograph by contemporary artist Jae Hoon Lee in her doctor's surgery in Wellington, and continued after spending time at Auckland Hospital. The result was ‘Art in the Waiting Room’, an essay that appears in her latest book Things I Learned At Art School.

Megan Dunn is an art writer and also the author of the novel Tinderbox. Kim Hill is in conversation with Dunn as part of the upcoming Verb Festival.