23 Nov 2019

Protest: Tautohetohe

From Saturday Morning, 10:35 am on 23 November 2019

Nuclear Free. Ihumātao. Universal Suffrage...through history New Zealanders have been staunch about standing up for what they believe in. In Protest: Tautohetohe (Te Papa Press) curators Stephanie Gibson, Matariki Williams and Puawai Cairns present a hardback showcasing objects of resistance, persistence and defiance over the last 150 years.

Assembled from items in Te Papa's own collection, and those sourced from other museums, activists and curators, the book contains everything from ploughs to placards, to dresses, banners, and a pair of very special anti-nuclear protest undies! And according to the authors, it's the stories behind the objects that are every bit as important as the items themselves.

Kim is joined by Stephanie Gibson and Puawai Cairns to discuss some of the objects they've selected.