8:10  Anti-Springbok-tour veterans on the power of HART

HART badge

HART badge Photo: supplied / Victoria University

New Zealand protest group Halt All Racist Tours (HART) formed in 1969 to protest against sporting contact with apartheid South Africa.

In 1981 the issue of whether the All Blacks should play the Springboks came to a head with the nation so violently divided that it is acknowledged as being the closest New Zealand came to civil war in the 20th century.

Kim will talk to HART founding member Trevor Richards and former All Black and protester Robert Burgess about how they felt at the time and what it's like to look back from 50 years on.

Victoria University of Wellington and the National Library are holding an event on 12 October to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of HART.



8:30  Harry Potter superfan and author Melissa Anelli - cyberstalked by a New Zealander

Melissa Anelli

Melissa Anelli Photo: supplied

Melissa Anelli is the author of the New York Times bestseller Harry, A History, which chronicles the Harry Potter phenomenon, the webmistress of The Leaky Cauldron fansite, and a host of the PotterCast podcast.

She is also the victim of 8 years of serious cyberstalking by a New Zealander she had banned from commenting at The Leaky Cauldron.

Anelli tried everything she could to get it to stop and in the process learned the limitations of international cyberstalking laws.  

Anelli is a now a prominent voice on understanding and halting cyberbullying.



9:05 Stephen Chbosky - The Perks of Being a Wallflower author on his dark new novel

20 years ago Stephen Chbosky wrote the best selling novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  

Since then he's been writing and directing films with credits including the movie of his own novel, a live action Beauty and the Beast and the 2017 dramatic comedy Wonder.

He's just released his second novel, Imaginary Friend. a horror story exploring how children deploy imagination to deal with trauma.

Stephen Chbosky

Stephen Chbosky Photo: supplied

9:35 The Manus Recording project - sounds of life on a detention island

Jon Tjhia (top) and Michael Green

Jon Tjhia (top) and Michael Green Photo: supplied

The Manus Recording Project Collective's work how are you today? is a collaboration between six men detained on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea and Australian radio-makers Michael Green and Jon Tjhia.

Audio recordings by Farhad Bandesh, Behrouz Boochani, Samad Abdul, Shamindan Kanapathi, Kazem Kazemi and Abdul Aziz Muhamat give listeners 10 minute long sonic windows into life in detention.

Kim will ask Michael Green and Jon Tjhia about the challenges of the project and how the men are doing now.

how are you today? is on at the City gallery, Wellington as part of the Eavesdropping show until Nov 17.

Abdul Aziz Muhamat in his room in Lombrum detention centre, Papua New Guinea

Abdul Aziz Muhamat in his room in Lombrum detention centre, Papua New Guinea Photo: supplied / Michael Green

10:05 John Oh - Sex worker for women

John Oh is a straight male escort for women, based in Sydney, where sex work is fully decriminalised.  

New Zealand and the Australian state of New South Wales are the only places in the world where this has happened.

John is an advocate for the rights of sex workers and believes he provides a valuable service to the women who see him.

Kim will ask him about the challenges and joys of his work.


John Oh

John Oh Photo: supplied

10:35 The dark history of New Zealand's leper colony

Ben Kingsbury

Ben Kingsbury Photo: supplied

From 1906 to 1925 Quail Island in Lyttelton Harbour was the site of New Zealand’s only leprosy colony.

The fate of those who ended up on the Island was grim, with a lack of care and reports of institutional abuse.

While official record of the colony is light, historian and author Benjamin Kingsbury has pieced together the story through contemporary newspaper reporting and the letters of the people involved.

He's just about to release his book The Dark Island - Leprosy in New Zealand and the Quail Island Colony.

11:05 Playing Favourites with Mike Chunn

Mike Chunn

Mike Chunn Photo: supplied/Josef Scott

Musician, CEO of the Play it Strange Trust and former Split Enz guitarist Mike Chunn has a new memoir A Sharp Left Turn.

He'll share some of his favourite songs with Kim.







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The Dark Island - Leprosy in New Zealand and the Quail Island Colony
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A Sharp Left Turn
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