An image from Lo and Behold - director Werner Herzog's journey into cyberspace 8:30am

An image from Lo and Behold - director Werner Herzog's journey into cyberspace. 8:30am Photo: Supplied

8:12 Tim Bale

In the aftermath of Britain's referendum to decide if the country stays in the European Union - or not - Kim talks to Tim Bale, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University London. He has taught politics at Victoria University, Wellington and is the author of The Conservative Party from Thatcher to Cameron, The Conservatives since 1945: the Drivers of Party Change, and Five Year Mission: The Labour Party Under Ed Miliband.

Tim Bale

Tim Bale Photo: Supplied


Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog Photo: Supplied

8:30 Werner Herzog

German director Werner Herzog has a new documentary screening at this year's New Zealand International Film Festival. In Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World, Werner Herzog enters cyberspace to explore the internet from its origins, meeting pioneers and prophets, and discovering the extent to which the online world has transformed the real world.


John Clarke

John Clarke Photo: Supplied

9:30 John Clarke

Formerly known to many as Fred Dagg, the New Zealand satirist, comedian, writer, and long-time resident of Australia, John Clarke, casts what he describes as an anthropological eye over the Australian election campaign.


10:05 Peter Bromhead

Peter Bromhead is one of New Zealand's most popular satirical cartoonists, and an illustrator, children's book author, newspaper columnist and interior designer. He's also most likely New Zealand's oldest dad after becoming a father again aged 78. His new illustrated memoir, Bromhead: Scratching a Living (Penguin, ISBN 978-0-14-357420-0), will be published 1 July.

Peter Bromhead

Peter Bromhead Photo: Marti Friedlander


Axel Gietz

Axel Gietz Photo: Supplied

10:40 Axel Gietz

Axel Gietz is Global Director of Corporate Affairs, Imperial Tobacco. He's in New Zealand to talk about plain packaging of tobacco products, as the Government last month released draft regulations and a consultation document which aims to standardise the look of cigarette packs.




11:05 Chris Hay

Chris Hay is the Creative Director at Locales, who developed the ​Ngā Tapuwae​ New Zealand First World War Trails for the WW100 Programme Office, and are now working on the Australian convict story in Sydney, and a range of New Zealand history projects around the country. Images of Locales work are in the gallery below.

Chris Hay

Chris Hay Photo: Supplied









11:45 Kate's Klassic: The Shorter Pepys

Kate Camp has published five collections of poems, most recently Snow White's Coffin (VUP), and will discuss The Shorter Pepys, the abridged edition of The Diary of Samuel Pepys (1660-1669).

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