Broadcasting live in front of a studio audience from the New Zealand Broadcasting School, CPIT, Christchurch. Guest lineup and timing may change on the day.

8:15 Joanna Norris

Joanna Norris became the editor of The Press in October 2012. She is the former digital editor of, and a former chief reporter at The Press.

8:40 Jessica Halliday

Architectural historian Dr Jessica Halliday is the director of the Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA), a new annual event for the city of Christchurch that explores urban regeneration and revitalision. This year, FESTA will present a city-within-the-city over Labour Weekend (26-28 October).

9:05 Shaun Hendy

Shaun Hendy (FRSNZ) is a Professor of Computational Physics at Victoria University of Wellington and an Industry and Outreach Fellow at Callaghan Innovation. He won the Callaghan Medal and the Prime Minister’s Science Media Communication prize in 2012, writes A Measure of Science at SciBlogs, is the co-creator of the online game Pounamu, and talks regularly to Bryan Crump about physics on Radio New Zealand Nights. His new book, written with the late Sir Paul Callaghan, is Get Off the Grass: Kickstarting New Zealand’s Innovation Economy (AUP, ISBN: 978-1-86940-762-9) and he will talk with Kim Hill (2:00pm, 7 September) at one of five events presented by The Press Christchurch Writers Festival during the Christchurch Arts Festival (to 22 September).

9:45 Juliet Arnott

Juliet Arnott is an artist and designer, and has been an occupational therapist for 17 years. Last year, she founded Rekindle, a social enterprise that makes furniture and other useful objects from waste wood.

10:05 Paul Cleave

Christchurch author Paul Cleave has written six internationally bestselling crime novels. His seventh novel, Joe Victim (Penguin, ISBN: 9788-0-143-57042-4), is the sequel to his 2006 debut, The Cleaner.

10:40 Delaney Davidson

For the last ten years (and counting), Lyttleton musician Delaney Davidson has been on a solo tour that has taken him to Ireland, Germany, Italy, Brazil, UK, Switzerland, Mexico, Austria, Romania, Belgium, Holland, Russia, France, USA, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. His album with Marlon Williams, Sad But True – The Secret History of Country Music Songwriting Vol. 1, won the New Zealand Music Award for Best Country Album 2013, and their single, Bloodletter, was awarded the Apra Best Country Song 2013. Delaney will perform with Naomi Ferguison and a musical cast in Totally Weill at the Christchurch Arts Festival (19 Setpember, sold out performance).

11:05 Liam Ryan

Musician and producer Liam Ryan is Performing Arts Manager at CPIT’s Department of Creative Industries, leading lead the Jazz School and National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Artdegree programmes. A member of 1980sw Christchurch band the Narcs, and inaugural member of the NZ Music Commission, he has held leadership and management positions at Waikato Institute of Technology, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, and Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology. He has continued to pursue his music practice, and is currently involved with The Sou’Westers (whose album Going West has just been released), The Lizard Kings, the reformed Narcs, and his recording label, Torch Music.

11:40 Nikki Berry and A Capellago

Nikki Berry is the founder of A Capellago, a group of singers and musicians who share a love of world music. They will be performing at St Augustine’s Church in Christchurch at 2:00 on Sunday 8 September along with the Rockers of Ages choir. Nikki is also the founder of the Muse Community Music Trust and is responsible for helping hundreds of “non-singers” to become singers over a period of about twenty years.

Music played during the programme

Details of tracks and artists will be listed on the Playlist section of this page shortly following broadcast.

Production team

Associate producer: Zoe George
Christchurch engineers: Colin Pearce, Chris Keogh, Andrew Collins
Wellington engineer: Lianne Smith
CPIT liaison: Ross Paterson

Studio band: House of Brown

Manny Addis (guitar)
Jimmy Rainey (tenor sax)
Jono Brown (double bass)


Music played in this show


House of Brown (Manny Addis, guitar; Jono Brown, double bass; Jimmy Rainey, tenor sax): Beautiful Love
Live in the TV Studio of CPIT, Christchurch
Played at around 8:10

House of Brown: Doxy
Live in the TV Studio of CPIT, Christchurch
Played at around 9:05

House of Brown: Isn't She Lovely
Live in the TV Studio of CPIT, Christchurch
Played at around 10:05

Delaney Davidson: Broken Wheel
Live in the TV Studio of CPIT, Christchurch
Played at around 10:40

Delaney Davidson: Eastbound
Live in the TV Studio of CPIT, Christchurch
Played at around 10:55

House of Brown: Au Privave
Live in the TV Studio of CPIT, Christchurch
Played at around 11:05

The Sou'Westers: Going West
From the 2012 album Going West
Played at around 11:30

A Capellago: Anthem
Live in the TV Studio of CPIT, Christchurch
Played at around 11:40

A Capellago: Road to Nowhere
Live in the TV Studio of CPIT, Christchurch
Played at around 11:55