Guest details for Saturday Morning 3 March 2012


8:15 Jess Hill

Australian journalist Jess Hill is the Cairo-based Middle East correspondent for not-for-profit news and features website The Global Mail, and recently wrote about the growing rebellion in Saudi Arabia.


8:30 Norman Harris

Norman Harris is a New Zealand born sportswriter who worked in the UK for the Sunday Times, and is credited with the popularistion of the term “jogging”. He is the author of over 20 books, including the 2010 memoir Beyond Cook’s Gardens (Last Side Publishing, ISBN: 978-0473-16331-7).


9:05 John Cooper Clarke

English performance poet John Cooper Clarke rose to prominence during the late 1970s punk scene in the UK, releasing several albums. He continues to perform regularly, and is visiting New Zealand this month for shows in Dunedin (21 March), Auckland (22 March), Wellington (23 March) and Nelson (24 March).


9:45 Language with Jen Hay

Jen Hay is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Canterbury, and the director of the New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour. She will talk about the use of filled pauses such as “um” or “uh”.


10:05 Playing Favourites with Gerry Paul

Dublin-born Lower Hutt resident Gerry Paul is a musician, songwriter, bodysurfer and free diver, who has toured the world for 10 years in over 40 countries as a sideman, and with his own band, Grada. His first picture book, Hank the Wrestling Shark (Wacky Tales, ISBN: 978-0-473-20130-2), features illustrations by Tom Armstrong and is accompanied by a three-track CD, including the title track which won him the 2010 grand prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and also appears on his new album of children’s music, Tales from the Sea & an Elephant Tree (Wacky Tales Ltd). This month, Gerry will perform with visiting Irish musician Sharon Shannon and her Big Band at the New Zealand Festival of the Arts (14 March) and at WOMAD (16-18 March).


11:05 Ron Rash

Ron Rash is a poet, short story writer and novelist who lives in North Carolina and is the Parris Distinguished Professor in Appalachian Cultural Studies at Western Carolina University in the United States. He won the 2010 Frank O’Connor Award for his short story collection, Burning Bright (Text, ISBN: 978-1-921758-50-8), and has also won awards for his novels One Foot in Eden (Text, ISBN: 978-1-921656-96-5) and Serena (Text, ISBN: 978-1-921656-82-8). His new novel is The Cove (Text Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-921758-86-7), and he is a guest speaker at Writers and Readers Week (9-14 March) during the 2012 New Zealand International Arts Festival (24 February to 14 March).


11:40 Maureen Woodhams

Maureen Woodhams is a mother of four children, has a degree in algebra, and has written about how mathematical concepts are learnt through children's play. She is co-president of the Playcentre Federation, which runs about 500 early childhood education centres throughout New Zealand, and is involved with Playcentre Awareness Week (3-12 March).


Music played during the programme

John Cooper Clarke: Beasley Street
From the 1980 album: Snap Crackle and Bop
Played at around 9:05

John Cooper Clarke: Majorca
From the 1979 album: Walking Back to Happiness
Played at around 9:35

The Eastern: State Houses By the River
From the 2012 double album: Hope and Wire
(Rough Peel Records)
Played at around 9:40

Playing Favourites with Gerry Paul

Gerry Paul: Hank the Wrestling Shark
From the 2012 album: Tales from the Sea & An Elephant Tree
(Wacky Tales)
Played at around 10:10

Sharon Shannon: Cavan Potholes
From the 2005 compilation album: Collection 1990-2005
Played at around  10:25

The Waterboys: Fisherman's Blues
From the 1988 album: Fisherman's Blues
Played at around 10:35

Greg Johnson: Isabelle
From the 2001 album: The Best Yet
Played at around 10:50

Jerry Douglas (featuring Tim O'Brien): Hey Joe
From the 1992 album: Slide Rule
(Sugar Hill)
Played at around 11:05

Studio operators

Wellington engineer: Carol Jones
Auckland engineer: Ian Gordon