Guest details for Saturday Morning 18 September 2010

8:15 Baroness Onora O'Neill

Onora O'Neill is a professor of philosophy at the University of Cambridge, President of the British Academy until 2009 and chairs the Nuffield Foundation. She is also on the Board of Trustees for the charitable trust, Sense About Science, and was formerly the Principal of Newnham College, Cambridge, and has held the positions of President of the Aristotelian Society, Chair of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, and Acting Chair of the Human Genetics Advisory Commission. She is visiting New Zealand to give the inaugural Royal Society Aronui Lecture Series in Auckland (15 & 17 September), Hamilton (16 September), Palmerston North (20 September), Wellington (21 September), Christchurch (22 September), and Dunedin (23 September).

8:45 Jason Thomas

Jason Thomas has lived and worked in Afghanistan for many years. He recently returned to Australia after working as regional manager for the Central Asia Development Group, implementing a USAID program in south-east Afghanistan.

9:05 Ian Barber

Dr Ian Barber is Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Otago. He will give a lecture, Lost in Transition; a new take on iconic, first- contact violence between Europeans and indigenous New Zealanders, in Wellington (22 September) and Auckland (23 September), presenting new evidence on two of New Zealand's most iconic violent first-contact encounters between indigenous people and Europeans.

9:45 Language with Jen Hay

Jen Hay is Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Canterbury, and is the director of the New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour. She will talk about the production and perception of vowels in New Zealand pop music.

10:10 Dickie Landry

Saxophonist Richard "Dickie" Landry has played with many musical performers, including Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Paul Simon, The Phillip Glass Ensemble, Laurie Anderson and the Talking Heads. He is also considered a pioneer of conceptual art and installations, having worked with Richard Serra, Gordon Matte-Clark and Robert Rauschenberg in the early 1960s. Dickie is visiting New Zealand with Louisiana-based swamp pop group Lil' Band O' Gold for concerts in Dunedin (23 September), Christchurch (24 September), Wellington (25 September), and Auckland (26 September). The group's latest album is The Promised Land, and they are the subject of a documentary film on DVD, The Promised Land: a Swamp Pop Journey.

11:05 Sister Sheila O'Toole (part two of a two-part interview)

Sister Sheila O'Toole RNDM went to Saigon in 1969; during the Vietnam War she was held hostage in a prisoner of war camp and was one of the last people to depart from the United States' Embassy in 1975. She returned to Vietnam in 1992 and spent another 12 years there, and is the most decorated New Zealander in relation to Vietnam (Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit, and Companion of the Queen's Service Order). Sister Sheila is the author of the 2007 book Behind the Visor: My Life in Wartorn Vietnam (ISBN: 978-0-473-12516-5), and has contributed her recollections to a large new history, New Zealand's Vietnam War by Ian McGibbon (Exisle, ISBN: 978-0-908988-96-9).

11:30 Lucas Remmerswaal

Whangarei investment advisor Lucas Remmerswaal is the author of The Tale of Tortoise Buffett and Trader Hare, a children's book inspired by American billionaire Warren Buffett's no-nonsense investing principles. The book, illustrated by Australian artist Annette Lodge, is available through Kiwa Media on the Apple iPad platform (ISBN: 978-0-473-17305-0), and is the first in a planned series of books designed to expand children's understanding of Buffett's "13 habits that made me billions".

11:45 Carolann Murray

Carolann Murray left her urban lifestyle and work as an organic beauty therapist for a self-sufficient country life with her husband, and is now an expert wool spinner, cheese maker, and bee-keeper. She recounts her experiences in Mastering the Art of Self-sufficiency in New Zealand (New Holland, ISBN: 9781869662912) and provides classes at her Self Sufficiency Store website.

Music played during the programme

Lil' Band O' Gold: Spoonbread
From the 2010 album: The Promised Land
(Dust Devil Music)
Played at around 10.05

Moondog: Stamping Ground
From the 1969 album: Moondog
Played at around 10:15

Lil' Band O' Gold: Evangeline Rock
From the 2010 album: The Promised Land
(Dust Devil Music)
Played at around 10:25

Bobby Charles: Party Town
From the 1998 album: Secrets of the Heart
(Stony Plain)
Played at around 10:40

Bobby Charles: See You Later Alligator
From the 2001 album: Last Train to Memphis
Played at around 10:50

James Yorkston: Tortoise Regrets Hare
From the 2008 album: When the Haar Rolls In
Played at around 11:30

Studio operators

Wellington engineer: Carol Jones
Auckland engineer: Jeremy Ansell
Christchurch engineer: Andrew Collins
Dunedin engineer: Rod Morgan