Natural History Books

From big books on trees to small volumes on strange birds, reading about nature can be almost as good as being there.

The Fishes of New Zealand edited by Clive Roberts, Andrew Stewart and Carl Struthers

Published by Te Papa Press (2015)

ISBN: 9780994104168

Riccarton and the Dean's family: history and heritage by Joanna Orwin

Published by David Bateman Ltd (2015)

ISBN: 9781869539030

Coastal Crabs - a guide to the crabs of New Zealand by Serena Wilkens and Shane Ahyong

Published by NIWA as an electronic guide (2015)

Vanishing Nature by Marie Brown

Vanishing Nature

Published by the Environmental Defence Society
ISBN: 9780987666048

Tuatara in a Cold Climate by Alison CreeTuatara in a Cold Climate by Alison Cree

Published by Canterbury University Press
ISBN: 9781927145449

Bullers BirdsBuller’s Birds of New Zealand: The complete work of JG Keulemans

Published by Te Papa Press
ISBN: 9781877385889

Butterflies of the South PacificButterflies of the South Pacific

New Zealand s Native TreesNew Zealand's Native Trees by John Dawson and Rob Lucas

Published by Craig Potton Publishing
ISBN: 9781877517013

The Owl That Fell From The SkyThe Owl that Fell from the Sky by Brian Gill

Published by Te Papa Press
ISBN: 9781877551130