09:05 Christchurch Girls' High School sexual abuse survey "shocking"

Serious sexual assaults including group rape have been disclosed by students at Christchurch Girls' High School in a whole of school survey conducted last month. Fifty-nine percent of survey respondents said they had been harassed, a quarter of them more than ten times. Twenty students described being raped by individuals or groups. Most respondents did not report the abuse and only ten per cent received any help or support. Christchurch Girls' High School Principal Christine O'Neill commissioned the survey after students at the school attempted to protest sexual harassment at Christchurch Boys' High back in March, but were turned back by police. She says the survey findings are shocking and nationwide research on the issue is urgently needed. She speaks with Kathryn Ryan, along with head girl Amiria Tikao.  

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09:25 Cannons Creek digital wallet scheme

In the Porirua suburb of Cannons Creek, more than 30 people are taking part in The Wellbeing Protocol pilot. The six week micro economy exercise involves each participant receiving 50 cannon coins, download to a digital wallet on their smartphone. One Cannon coin has a one dollar value and can be used to trade with other participants, to purchase items from a local fruit and vegetable co-op or to go into a community fund to spend on wellbeing intiatives.To explain how the pilot works and his plans for the scheme, founder Mark Pascall and also Scott Bailey who has been spending some of his Cannon coins.

Cannon Coin

Cannon Coin Photo: www.thewellbeingprotocol.or

09:45 Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney

Hungary's Prime Minister, Viktor Orban

Hungary's Prime Minister, Viktor Orban Photo: AFP

Hungary's controversial Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has been confronted by other EU leaders at a summit in Brussels, in angry and personal clashes not seen for years among the bloc's leaders. The debate, over a new law seen as anti-LGBTQ+, saw the Dutch Prime Minister, Marc Rutte, warn Orban that Hungary would have to leave the EU if human rights were not respected. Also, Belarus has moved opposition blogger Roman Protasevich from jail to house arrest.

10:05 Coss Marte and his prison-style bootcamp employing ex-inmates

Coss Marte is the founder and Chief Executive of Conbody. It's a prison-style fitness bootcamp in New York City that hires former inmates as trainers. Coss served a seven-year sentence in New York's Lakeview prison for running a drug ring. While locked in his cell, he developed a weights-free exercise programme, lost 30 kilograms and massively lowered his risk of heart disease. Upon release, he founded Conbody to bridge the gap between inmates who've done their time and want to start a new life. Of the forty plus trainers he's hired, not one has reoffended.

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10:35 Book review: Ways of Thinking About Trees edited by Susette Goldsmith

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Photo: Massey University Press

Murray Williams reviews Tree Sense: Ways of Thinking About Trees edited by Susette Goldsmith, published by Massey University Press   

10:45 The Reading

Hand Me Down World, episode six. Written by Lloyd Jones.

11:05 Political commentators Mills & Thomas

The Covid spread in Australia, sees the trans Tasman travel bubble paused and highlights slow vaccination rates here. Also frustration at the rollout of the Government's almost 2-billion dollar programme for mental health services.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 26: Police officers walk past The Sydney Opera House during the first day of lockdown in Sydney, Australia, Saturday, June 26, 2021.

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Stephen Mills is the executive director of UMR Research , which is the polling firm used by Labour.  He is former political adviser to two Labour governments.

Ben Thomas is a PR consultant and a former National Government press secretary.

11:30 Gluten free bakery continues to rise

Scott Wynands runs gluten free bakery OM Goodness. The Hawkes Bay operation which employs nine staff has recently expanded into the Auckland market, with an outlet in the Britomart train station. The business has risen out of years of trying out bread recipes to find one that would suit his gluten intolerant daughter. Scott says the aim was always to make a gluten free loaf that would be a great for toast and also for sandwiches.

11:45 Urban Issues - CoHo Hui 2021.

Bill McKay attended the Co-Housing Hui at Victoria University. The Housing Innovation Society organised event saw co-housing advocates together sharing ideas and experiences.

CoHo Hui

CoHo Hui Photo: Bill McKay

Bill McKay is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland.