09:05 Picton locals want answers over impact of new ferries

Picton locals say they want answers over the impact on their town of KiwiRail’s proposed new ferries. Kiwirail plans to have two new ships in operation by 2024, which would be nearly 40 metres longer and at least five metres wider than the current ships. The potential maritime risks of the ferries are currently being considered by a risk assessment group lead by the Harbourmaster. An upgrade of Picton’s Ferry Terminal to accommodate larger vessels has been fast-tracked under special Covid 19 legislation passed last year. The residents’ group Guardians of the Sounds says the community has been left in the dark over the massive changes proposed to their tiny seaside town. Kathryn speaks with chairperson of Guardians of the Sounds, Paul Keating, Marlborough District Council Deputy Mayor and Picton resident Nadine Taylor and spokespersono for the Picton Business Group, Graham Gosling.

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Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller

09:20 New Te Huia train service: Why the mobility scooter ban?

A new commuter train service, Te Huia, is set to take to the tracks in the next two weeks linking the Waikato and Auckland. Two trains will leave Hamilton's Frankton station early in the morning and travel through to Papakura -  a journey of 98 minutes - with return services from Papakura in the evening.  A change of train is required at Papakura if commuters want to connect to the Auckland metro network to get further into the city. The five-year trial service is run by the Waikato Regional Council and will get a VIP test today by the Prime Minister. However, there's disappointment that the service will not be able to accommodate mobility scooters, there's limited spaces available for manual and power wheelchair users and any disability concession will only apply to Waikato residents. Kathryn discusses concerns with Bret Nielsen from Age Concern Hamilton and Andrew Wilson,  Public Transport Operations Manager for the Waikato Regional Council.

The new Hamilton to Auckland passenger train service called Te Huia will start in early April 2021.

Photo: Supplied / Waikato Regional Council

09:45 Pub passports and EU and UK promise to work together over vaccine supplies

UK correspondent Matt Dathan joins Kathryn to talk about  Boris Johnson's comments that vaccine certificates may be needed before people could go to the pub, an agreement by the EU and UK to work together to ensure all citizens get a "win-win situation" with supply of Covid-19 vaccines and a warning by the PM that a third wave of cases will no doubt hit UK shores. And Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced the biggest overhaul of the asylum system in decades.

NHS staff lay flowers outside St. Thomas's hospital in central London to remember those who have died from the Coronavirus as part of the National Day of Reflection held one year since lockdown.

 NHS staff lay flowers outside St. Thomas's hospital in central London to remember those who have died from Coronavirus as part of the National Day of Reflection, marking a year since the start of lockdown. Photo: WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto/AFP

10:05 Author Harlan Coben on turning his books into must-watch TV

American author Harlan Coben is a #1 New York Times best-selling author. His 33 mystery and thriller novels, including Tell No One, Missing You and the 11-book Myron Bolitar series, have been published in 45 languages, with 75 million books in print world wide. In 2018 he signed a deal with streaming giant Netflix to turn 14 of his novels into screen productions over the next five years - including The Stranger, Safe,  The Five and The Woods. His most recent novel, Win, has just hit the shelves. He joins Kathryn to talk about it, and how he manages to churn out a novel a year.

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10:35 Book Review - Kate Edger: The life of a pioneering feminist by Diana Morrow

Jessie Bray Sharpin reviews Kate Edger: The life of a pioneering feminist by Diana Morrow.  Published by Otago University Press.

10:45 The Reading

Responsibility, part nine. Written by Nigel Cox and read by Tim Gordon.

11:05 NZ software companies on a roll, internet filter red flag

Technology correspondent Sarah Putt joins Kathryn to talk about the recent sales of tech companies Vend and Seequent and how it's further evidence Kiwi software is on a roll. She'll also look at the Films, Video and Publications Classification Bill before Parliament, that will give more powers to the Chief Censor - but is it just a giant "internet filter" as InternetNZ says? And Inland Revenue is a year away from its $1.5b transformation project - how's it gone so far?

Anonymous person in digital space. Woman with not seen look and text "censored". Censor content with copy space. Blue background with IT technology. Virtual interface for human.

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11:25 Seven steps to success with picky eaters

For some parents, getting their children to eat is an ordeal for all involved. Judith Yeabsley is a nutritional therapist who describes herself as a picky eating consultant. Her first book was 'Creating Confident Eaters', and she's followed it up with a new book called 'Winner Winner I Eat Dinner'. It outlines seven steps for helping children build good eating habits, whether they're a fussy toddler or a child who doesn't like to try anything new. She joins Kathryn to talk about how it's possible to gain confidence and competence week by week.

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11:45 National Treasures, Fake Famous, Canine Intervention

Film and TV reviewer Tamar Munch joins Kathryn to talk about National Treasures (TVNZ1/TVNZ OnDemand), a local series hosted by Scotty and Stacey Morrison that explores NZ recent histories by showcasing unique historical objects. She'll also look at Fake Famous (Neon) a feature documentary film that explores the meaning of fame and influence in the digital age by turning three young people into famous "influencers" and what's with all the doggie documentaries at the moment? Tamar looks at Canine Intervention and DOGS, two series streaming on Netflix.

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