09:05 2020 - The Year in Review

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Photo: RNZ

Andrew Holden, Trish Sherson, Neale Jones, Siouxsie Wiles and Rod Oram look back on a tumultuous year.

09:25 The ultimate lockdown project: a solar powered Egyptian felucca

Like many people, Australian woman, Tuesday Browell used her unexpected time in Covid-19 isolation to complete a new project. But unlike those who tried their hand at baking, or practising yoga, she landed on something bigger and completed it. Tuesday built a solar powered sailing boat out of plywood, inspired by an Egyptian felucca. She talks to Kathryn from her farm in northern Victoria close to the banks of the Murray River.

09:35  Donation will help NZ children to see 


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We have an update on a story Nine to Noon featured six months ago.  Professor Steven Dakin from the University of Auckland's School of drew attention to the sight problems in primary school children and the fact many remain undiagnosed for years due to insufficient eye checks.  He estimated one in ten children need glasses and advocated a range of measures including a nationwide mobile school screening programme - as always the stumbling block was funding. Well that's changed with a generous $1.8 million donation for a mobile screening bus from Aucklanders Peter and Rae Fehl.

Rod Oram, Siouxsie Wiles, Peter and Rae Fehl

Rod Oram, Siouxsie Wiles, Peter and Rae Fehl Photo: Glenda Wakeham


10:05 Ethique's Brianne West and her bold plastic-free goals

Brianne West started her plastic-free beauty bar business, Ethique, in her kitchen in Christchurch eight years ago while studying chemistry at university. Her idea was simple but brilliant - why use shampoo and liquid soap in plastic bottles, when we can add the water ourselves in the bathroom? Ethique's range of solid shampoo, conditioner, soap and other beauty bars now sell in over 2500 retailers in 16 countries, and she estimates the company has saved over nine million plastic bottles entering landfills here and abroad. This year a group of international investors came on board - putting the company on a firm financial footing, and the focus on some bold future goals.

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10:30 Jeremy Taylor's top music picks of the year

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Slowboat Record's Jeremy Taylor has chosen his favourite songs of the year. He plays Fiona Apple, Phoenix Foundation, Reb Fountain, Bob Dylan and Phoebe Bridgers.

11:05 Haere Ra 2020

Pohutukawa tree taken at Cornwallis Beach, West Auckland

Pohutukawa tree taken at Cornwallis Beach, West Auckland Photo: Kauhura, Wikimedia Commons

Te Radar, Irene Pink, Kennedy Warne and Sam Ackerman bid farewell to 2020

Radar, Irene and Kennedy

Radar, Irene and Kennedy Photo: Glenda Wakeham

Accompanied by Christmas songs from Wellington chamber choir, Nota Bene.

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Photo: RNZ/ Clare Sziranyi

and one of Sam Ackerman's children tells a Christmas joke - What do you get when you cross Santa with a Bear? - Santa Paws.

Ackerman family

Ackerman family Photo: Sam Ackerman family collection


11:30 A Gannety Christmas

 Tony Morris from Gannet Safaris  will spend the Christmas morning with the Cape Kidnappers gannets taking a group to the colony to have breakfast there.