09:05 Public hospitals short of specialists, patients miss out: report

Surgeons team working with Monitoring of patient in surgical operating room.

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A new report shows public hospitals have just three quarters of the specialists they need. The senior doctor's union, the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists, produced the report and says the shortage means thousands of New Zealanders are missing out on treatment.Meanwhile overworked senior doctors are facing burn out and stress, with no time to teach and mentor junior doctors. Kathryn talks with Sarah Dalton, ASMS Executive Director.


09:20 Diego Maradona - a legacy

Diego Maradona of Argentina holds the World Cup trophy after defeating West Germany 3-2 during the 1986 FIFA World Cup Final match at the Azteca Stadium on June 29, 1986 in Mexico City, Mexico.

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Three days of national mourning has been declared in Argentina following the death of football legend, Diego Maradona. Recognised as one of the greatest footballers in history, the 60 year old suffered a fatal heart attack at his Buenos Aires home. Maradona was the inspiration for Argentina's World Cup success in Mexico in 1986, he  also led the country to the final of the 1990 tournament in Italy and managed them in South Africa in 2010. Maradona's successes made him a global star and a national hero in Argentina but his career was also blighted by controversies on and off the field. This included his 'Hand of God" goal against England in the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals, and his international playing career ended in shame when he failed a drug test at the 1994 World Cup in the United States. Argentina correspondent, Daniel Schweimler talks to Kathryn from Buenos Aires

09.30 Calls for gamers to be protected

Loot box from the game Overwatch

Loot box from the game Overwatch Photo: Youtube still

Senior psychology lecturer at Massey University Dr Aaron Drummond is calling for video gamers to be protected as addiction increases. His research has found 45 percent of games analysed meet the psychological criteria to be considered a form of gambling.  He tells Kathryn Ryan gamers are spending more money on random-content loot boxes: in 2018 they generated $30 billion, it's predicted that will rise to $50 billion by 2022. 

09:45 Christmas is on in the UK, but Covid's economic impact is clear

UK correspondent Matt Dathan looks at the decision by Boris Johnson to allow some relaxation to Covid gathering rules to allow for Christmas travel and get-togethers. But the economic impact of Covid has been laid bare by the Chancellor, with official forecasts predicting the biggest decline in 300 years.


10:05 The power of being an outsider

Olga Khazan grew up as a Russian Jewish immigrant in the bible belt oil town of Midland, West Texas. Throughout her childhood all she wanted to was to fit in and be as Amercian as her classmates. Even when the family moved to Dallas, she could not shake the "weird" label. Now an award winning journalist covering health for The Atlantic, Olga Khazan, has written a book about why some people are made to feel weird, how some "weirdos" come to feel comfortable in their own skin and how being an outsider can be an advantage. She's interviewed dozens of successful people who'd been labeled "weird" at some point in their lives including an orthopaedic specialist with dwarfism, a male kindergarten teacher and a female racing car driver. The book is called Weird: The Power of Being an Outsider in an Insider World.

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10:35 Book review - Billy Apple Life/Work by Christina Barton

Billy Apple: Live/Work Cover

Photo: Aotearoa Books

Sonja de Friez reviews Billy Apple Life/Work by Christina Barton, published by Auckland University Press.

10:45 The Reading

Mary's Job, a short story by Pip Adam.

11:05 Trouble for Airbnb, looming regulation for big tech - but not in NZ

Technology commentator Peter Griffin looks at Airbnb's looming December IPO, how the coronavirus has impacted on the business and why it's on the Commerce Commission's radar here over its refund policy. Big tech is in the regulatory gun globally - but not in New Zealand. Why is that?

Airbnb is a website for people to list, find, and rent lodging.

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11:25 Family tramping: tips for successfully getting kids into the back country

Father of three, and Federated Mountain Clubs executive member Jamie Stewart shares ways for families to get out into the wilderness this summer.

11:45 Sarah McMullan's best of TV in 2020

Kicking off the annual best-ofs, Film and TV reviewer Sarah McMullan looks back on her favourites on the box this year.

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