09:05  Education researchers say time's up for academic streaming in schools

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Education academics say decades of research has shown academic streaming in schools doesn't lift achievement and in fact, serves to drag down those students in lower streams. They say this disproportionately affects Maori and Pasifika students and the Education Minister and Ministry should direct schools to move to mixed ability classes for all.The most recent PISA international education study figures show that 90 per cent of New Zealand schools have streaming  in at least one subject.

The Education Minister Chris Hipkins has called streaming discriminatory, unfair without underpinning evidence, but says the government will not dictate what schools should do. Kathyrn discusses with David Pomeroy a lecturer at Canterbury University's School of Teacher Education, Haley Milne, Principal of Kia Aroha College and on the National Executive of Te Akatea: the Maori Principals Association, and Ministry of Education, Group Manager of Education System Policy Tipene Chrisp.

09:20 Calls for national guidelines to ensure child participation in family justice system

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There are concerns that despite draft legislation looking to overhaul the family justice system there are still too many barriers to childrens' right to participate. Deb Inder is a barrister and mediator who's just completed a PhD focusing on children's rights in the justice system. She's designed a 'seven essential steps' model to increase child participation.

09:45 Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney

Fears of a new war between Armenia and Azerbaijan the Swiss reject a plan to stop free movement of EU citizens and the man accused of attacking two people with a meat cleaver in Paris has told police he was attempting to take revenge against the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Military and police deployed on Boulevard Richard Lenoir, after two people were stabbed to death near the former premises of Charlie Hebdo.

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10:05 Co-housing, an intentional neighbourhood

Co-housing advocate Robin Allison has envisioned and built an alternative way of living.  Individuals and families live in a kind of curated community, enjoying the perks that come with pooling resources, including regularly cooking for each other at the Earthsong Eco-neighbourhood in Ranui, West Auckland. Robin got this 32-dwelling village-within-a-village project off the ground 1995, and hundreds of people have bought into it since. Robin tells Kathryn Ryan how she trained as an architect and guided the entire development and construction phase of this innovative project, as told in her book Co-housing for Life. It's her story, and she hopes, a guide for others interested in co-housing.

10:35 Book review - Islands of Mercy by Rose Tremain

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Elisabeth Easther reviews Islands of Mercy by Rose Tremain, published by Penguin Random House.

Wonderfully old-fashioned and simultaneously racy, beautifully written and almost fairy-tale like at times. At its core, this book is about how death and sorrow can be conquered by art, and visions of new and beautiful things.

10:45 The Reading

Butler’s Ringlet by Laurence Fearnley, read by Matthew Chamberlain. Episode 6 of 10.  No webrights.

11:05 Political commentators Jones & Sherson

Neale and Trish talk to Kathryn about the latest two political polls, the strategies being used by Labour and National's leaders in their TV debates and the scrutiny being applied to National's alternative budget.

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Neale Jones was Chief of Staff to Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern, and prior to that was Chief of Staff to Andrew Little. He is the director of Capital Government Relations.

Trish Sherson is from corporate affairs firm Sherson Willis, and a former ACT press secretary.

11:30 Sri Lankan food inspired by 'Seela'

Glass Head Chef, Romesh Dissanayake showcases his style of Sri Lankan cooking inspired by his grandmother, 'Seela'. His approach is to serve fresh and fragrant food, made up of multiple dishes, designed to share, in an atmosphere that is not fussy, but warm and convivial.

He's about to showcase this approach at his Seela event as part of the Visa Wellington on a Plate festival.

11:45 Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne

Easy to overlook, but treasured by those who visit them, forest remnants in urban Auckland offer breath of nature in the midst of city life. Kennedy joins Kathryn from one of them.

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