09:05 Inadequate eye screening of school children 

Close up macro of child boy eye

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Sight problems in primary school children are remaining undiagnosed for years due to insufficient eye checks. The head of the University of  Auckland's School of Optometry and Vision Science estimates one in ten children in New Zealand needs glasses and don't have them because screening is inadequate. Professor Steven Dakin says vision problems can go unchecked for years, and short sightedness, and long sightedness are not part of pre school testing. He advocates a nationwide mobile school screening programme, so children who have correctable vision problems can be treated.

09:25 Earthquake design: beyond code

Workers installing an earthquake energy absorbing damper within the foundation of Casa Adelante. It was developed by Professor Geoffrey Rodgers from the University of Canterbury.

Workers installing an earthquake energy absorbing damper within the foundation of Casa Adelante. It was developed by Professor Geoffrey Rodgers from the University of Canterbury. Photo: David Mar

There's no New Zealand industry guidance or standard for the design and construction of low damage, high seismic-performance buildings. That's set to change next year when low damage design guidelines are published. Helen Ferner is the president of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineers and part of the steering group for the new guidelines. Meanwhile, Casa Adelante, a breakthrough building in San Francisco is showing it doesn't have to cost a fortune to build resilient housing that keeps functioning in a big earthquake. Low-damage design expert David Mar is with us to talk about his breakthrough and how a University of Canterbury professor helped provide a missing piece of the design puzzle.

David Mar was the keynote speaker at the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering webinar series which was supported by the Earthquake Commission.

09.35 Symphony Orchestra's first full post-lockdown show 

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is back, and performing a selection of favourites in Wellington tonight. 
The concert,  Ngū Kīoro Harikoa Ake, celebrating togetherness - will feature songs from local and traditional opera, and feature singers Maisey Rika, Horomona Horo, Eliza Bloom, and one of New Zealand's best known tenors - Simon O'Neill. 

Simon O’Neill, Maisey Rika, Horomona Horo and Eliza Boom

Simon O’Neill, Maisey Rika, Horomona Horo and Eliza Boom Photo: NZSO

09:45 Asia correspondent Elizabeth Beattie

Elizabeth Beattie is a Journalist at Thomson Reuters, based in Hong Kong.

10:05 Michael Mosley: staying well during a pandemic

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Photo: David Bostock Photography Ltd 2016

British doctor, best-selling author and television presenter Dr Michael Mosley talks to Kathryn Ryan about staying well during a pandemic, and how best to recover from infection, as discussed in his new book Covid-19, Everything You Need to Know about Coronavirus and the Race For a Vaccine.  It's a guide to warding off infection and looking after mental and physical health after an infection has taken hold.  Dr  Mosley is an Oxford University trained doctor, science communicator, gut specialist, the brains behind the well known 5:2 intermittent fasting diet, and author of numerous health and diet books, including Fast Asleep, released earlier this year, where he explores the secrets of a good night's sleep.  

10:35 Book review - Rest and Be Thankful by Emma Glass

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Photo: Bloomsbury

Melanie O'Loughlin of Unity Books reviews Rest and Be Thankful by Emma Glass, published by Bloomsbury.  

Laura is a paediatric nurse: her hands are raw from washing, her fridge is empty, her boyfriend a stranger. Yet Laura comes alive on the ward - calm and caring, she relieves the families of their terrible burden and takes on their pain. Spread over three nights, we see Laura haunted by her tiredness, and wonder how far can she go before she breaks. In these strange times, this book will get you in its clutches and leave you wanting more.

10:45 The Reading

Up The Olive Tree, part 5. Written and read by Venetia Sherson.

11:05 New music with Jeremy Taylor

Bob Dylan

Photo: Columbia Records

Bob Dylan's first original music in 8 years, a gorgeous sophomore effort from Phoebe Bridgers, and a belated release for a 1975 Neil Young Album

11:30 Sports commentator Sam Ackerman

The NZ-Australia bid wins the right to host the 2023 Women's World Cup football tournament. And Sam explores the sacking of Warriors coach Stephen Kearney.

Stephen Kearney

Photo: Photosport

11:45 The week that was

Our comedians Te Radar and Donna Brookbanks chat about a new study which finds single men with cats less likely to find love on dating apps.

Remote working from home with laptop, and pet cat.

Photo: 123RF