09:05 Economic recovery must tackle tax reform & super: PwC report

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The professional services firm PwC says the rebuilding of our economy post Covid 19 must involve tackling some political hot potatoes such as a capital gains tax and changing the national super scheme. In a report just released, PwC says the Covid crisis and the massive public expenditure programmes being contemplated are a unique opportunity to reshape and rebuild the economy, but getting it wrong will place a heavy debt burden on future generations. The report puts forward seven planks it says are fundamental to rebuilding the economy, including further targetted wage support, tax reform, addressing intergenerational inequality and dealing with the urgent challenge of climate change. Lynn Freeman speaks with lead author, PwC Corporate Finance and Restructuring Partner, David Bridgman.

09.20 Covid response reveals more hidden homelessness. Calls for national strategy

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The true extent of Kiwis in insecure housing was exposed during the Covid 19 response leading to calls for a national homelessness strategy and to make housing a legal right. During the lockdown New Zealand sheltered its homesless and since then $100 million has been pledged to keep 1,200 motel rooms available for the homeless for a year. This follows an earlier move in February to try to curb the use of motels for emergency housing with a $300 million dollar action plan, but advocates argue there should be more emphasis on permanent solutions and it should be a legal requirement to house people.

Lynn Freeman talks to Clare Aspinall at the University of Otago in Wellington who is currently researching the benefits and challenges of using the Housing First approach in a New Zealand context, Massey University 's societal psychologist Darrin Hodgetts whose research focuses on urban poverty and homelessness, and Rolinda Karapu from the Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga research centre who is a senior advocate based at Waikato Women's Refuge.

09:45 UK widens 'support bubbles', PM under pressure to loosen rules

UK correspondent Matt Dathan joins Lynn to talk about how 'support bubbles' with other households will be permitted from Saturday, while a row grows about how early the UK went into lockdown - with a suggestion even a week earlier could've halved the death toll. Boris Johnson is under pressure to reduce the 2-metre social distancing rule to help pubs and restaurants open, while a plan to get schools open before the summer break is ditched.

A handout image released by 10 Downing Street, shows Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson attending a remote press conference to update the nation on the COVID-19 pandemic.

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10:05 David Walliams: Slime, awful adults & wonderful mums

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Children's story writer and comedian David Walliams speaks with Lynn Freeman about his latest book Slime, podcasting and conversations with his mum during lock-down. Slime is set on the Isle of Mulch, home to the likes of Greta Greed, who owns the place. Teachers Sir Walter Wrath and Mr Lust also call it home.  The Envy bothers run the local toy shop. The adults here are pretty awful.  Only the bravest kid can teach them a lesson, armed with the power of shape-shifting slime.  David Walliams has sold forty million books worldwide, translated into fifty-three languages.  Slime is David's 27th book, and is available in bookshops on Tuesday June 16th.


10:35 Book review - The Undying: A Meditation on Modern Illness by Anne Boyer

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Kiran Dass of Time Out Bookstore reviews The Undying: A Meditation on Modern Illness by Anne Boyer, published by Allen Lane.     

10:45 The Reading

Rocking Horse Road by Carl Nixon, read by Jason Whyte. Part 4 of 5.

11:05 Lessons from lockdown, Zoom soars, TikTok vs YouTube

Technology commentator Sarah Putt looks at an online service Sosbusiness.nz that was launched on March 23 to help SMEs and how it's snowballed. She'll also look at how the pandemic has been great for Zoom's bottom line and how TikTok is threatening YouTube's dominance with the kids.

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11:25 Curious kids: Helping pre-schoolers understand 'when' and 'why' 

Wellington speech and language therapist Christian Wright joins Lynn to talk about question development in pre-schoolers as they try to understand the world around them. Using questions helps children fill in the gaps in their thinking and are critical tools. When Christian was on the programme last time, he focused on the "what", "who" and "where" questions. This week he'll talk about how parents can help their children with "when"  - and the all-important "why"?

Emotional boy with drawing of question mark on blue background

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11:45 Shot Bro, Man on the Bus, Doc Edge Festival

Film and TV reviewer Tamar Munch looks at the premiere on Māori TV of Shot Bro, which follows actor Rob Mokaraka around Aotearoa telling the story of his attempted suicide-by-cop in his one-man play. She'll also look at the documentary by Melbourne-based filmmaker Eve Ash in which she details how she uncovered secrets about her family history in 'Man on the Bus'. Finally, Doc Edge launches online this Friday and Rialto Channel is making all its content available to Sky Customers this weekend.

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