09:05 One Billion Tree fire risk warning

Joseph Johnson: A fire front around behind a Westmorland home stemming from the huge fire on the Port Hills.

Photo: The Press / Fairfax

A warning that New Zealand's ambitious one billion trees programme could be at risk from wildfires, unless our landscapes are better fire-proofed. It follows Australia's disastrous wild fire season and tinder dry conditions this summer in many parts of New Zealand. Could 'green firebreaks' be the solution? Tim Curran is a senior lecturer in ecology at Lincoln University and Paul Devlin, is  the head ranger for Christchurch's fire-prone Port Hills.

09:30 Adapting JoJo. Caging Skies' Christine Leunens

Taika Waititi, Christine Leunens, Carthew Neal, Roman Griffin Davis and Thomasin McKenzie

Taika Waititi, Christine Leunens, Carthew Neal, Roman Griffin Davis and Thomasin McKenzie Photo: supplied

New Zealand-made film JoJo Rabbit, is up for 6 Oscars including best picture. Supermodel turned author, Christine Leunens wrote Caging Skies, the novel from which the movie's screenplay was adapted. She talks to Kathryn Ryan about how the book was adapted, and the daring decision to include a darkly comic twist in the form of Jojo's  imaginary friend, who's based on Hitler. Interestingly "Caging Skies" didn't have an easy  path to publication. At the time  it was questioned whether  readers would be interested in a another story about World War II so  the novel was first published in Spanish, and then in Catalan, Italian, and French, before an English version came out.

09:45 Germany correspondent Thomas Sparrow - refugee integration

A refugee family from Syria waits in front of a exhibition hall at the Munich fairground that serves as makeshift shelter for migrants.

Photo: AFP

A new study has revealed that half of the refugees who have settled in Germany since 2013 have found jobs within five years of arriving. Integration has been one of the most controversial problems in Germany since the so-called refugee crisis in 2015/16. Also a regional election has created a far right political furore.

10:05 Self-decoration tells us about who we are

Personal adornment is a common uniting factor across humans and cultures throughout time. It is also the subject of a new book Adornment, written by Philosophy Professor Stephen Davies from the University of Auckland. We hear about adornment practices in African, Australasian and North and South American indigenous cultures, as well as the Māori moko and the practice of tattooing in Asia and the Pacific.

10:35 Book review - American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

Jeanine Cummins

Jeanine Cummins Photo: supplied by hachette.co.nz

Cindy Kiro reviews American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins, published by Hachette NZ.

10:45 The Reading

On An Island With Consequences Dire by Kelly Ana Morey adapted by Owen Scott read by Michelle Amas. No web rights. Episode 10 (final)

11:05 Political commentators Hooton & Jones

A look at the future of the Maori Party,  Shane Jones hints he'll run in Northland and what the latest political poll is showing. 

Shane Jones speaks at Waitangi,4 February

Photo: RNZ / Simon Rogers

Matthew Hooton is an Auckland based consultant and lobbyist. Neale Jones was Chief of Staff to Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern, and prior to that was Chief of Staff to Andrew Little. He is the director of Capital Government Relations. 

11:30 Bridget Davis: More gut-healthy recipes

Is it possible to create sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free recipes that are tasty and good for your gut? Award-winning chef Bridget Davis is back in New Zealand for the release of her new book 'More from Bridget's Healthy Kitchen' with 100 more gut-healthy recipes. She'll share a recipe for 5-min Feijoa and Coconut Cake with Kathryn and talk about "clean eating" isn't just a fad - but an achievable goal for all.

No caption

Photo: su

11:45 Mark Burry : urban-rural dichotomies

Future cities thought leader, Mark Burry talks to Kathryn about the need for boosting development in rural communities, particularly in the wake of natural disasters.

Urban- rural dichotomies

Photo: compsite, Susan Murray-123RF

Mark Burry is a New Zealand architect, based in Melbourne whose expertise is sought around the world. He is the founding director of the Smart Cities Research Institute of Melbourne's Swinburne University of Technology. 


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