09:05 Pier pressure: Ports of Auckland boss on possible move

Ports of Auckland says moving its operations will have a significant financial impact on Aucklanders. The final of three reports prepared for the government on shifting the Port by the Upper North Island Supply Chain Strategy is expected to go to Cabinet's development committee today, with a possible decision by Cabinet before Christmas. The report, which Nine to Noon has sighted, recommended shifting "most or all" of the Port's freight operations to Northport near Whangarei, while retaining  and modernising the cruise ship terminal, rejuvenating the main trunk line north,  and building a new inland freight hub. But the Ports of Auckland has this morning released an economic impact study from NZIER prepared for Auckland Council, which it says shows the true cost of NOT having a port in Auckland. Ports of Auckland CEO Tony Gibson joins Kathryn to discuss.

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09:20 Green light for people to enter Pike River mine draft

A sign for the recovery agency above the entry to Pike River Mine, on the day of first re-entry.

A sign for the recovery agency above the entry to Pike River Mine, on the day of first re-entry. Photo: Pike River Recovery Agency / Supplied

Worksafe has established the Pike River mine draft could be made safe enough for people to enter, by creating a process known as 'forcing ventilation' where fresh air is drawn into the mine, The move would allow the 170m seal to be breached and the forensic investigation of the entire drift to begin.The Pike River Recovery Agency's Chief Operating Officer, Dingi Pattinson explains to Kathryn Ryan.

9:40 Banks on tenterhooks ahead of regulatory capital requirements review

Finance - coins, calculator and table of figures.

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The Reserve Bank will release its highly anticipated final decisions in its biggest ever review of banks' regulatory capital requirements tomorrow at noon. It has proposed both significant increases to the amount of capital banks must hold, and improvements to the quality of regulatory capital to guard against a financial crisis. Banks meanwhile, warn the requirements are excessive, would  slow economic growth, lift interest rates, and disadvantage smaller New Zealand owned banks.

09:45  Morrison government under strain over bush fires

Australia correspondent Chris Neische joins Kathryn to talk about how the relentless bush fires are causing more people to pile pressure on Scott Morrison's government over climate change. He'll also look at how the Morrison government has been frustrated in its attempt to repeal the country's medical evacuation laws.

A commuter on a ferry watches as smoke from bushfires blankets Sydney on November 19, 2019. - Sydney woke up to a thick blanket of smoke as New South Wales warns residents of the dangers amid severe fire dangers and hot, windy weather. (Photo by PETER PARKS / AFP)

Photo: AFP

10:05 Good manners guide. Time to show some respect!

Simon Griffin talks to Kathryn Ryan about his  irreverent pocket-sized guide to social etiquette and some of life's biggest irritations, like man-spreading on public transport, using emojiis in business emails, and sharing everything you read on social media. His book 'F**ing Good Manners' follows 'F**ing Apostrophes: a guide to where you can stick them.'

Simon Griffin

Simon Griffin Photo: Allen & Unwin

10:35 Book review - Strong Words 2019: The Best of the Landfall Essay Competition

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Photo: Otago University Press

Louise O'Brien from quarterly review periodical New Zealand Review of Books Pukapuka Aotearoa, reviews Strong Words 2019: The Best of the Landfall Essay Competition. This collection is selected by Emma Neale and published by Otago University Press.

10:45 The Reading

'Chute Thru' - adapted from the book by Janice Marriott and read by Michael Whalley. Episode 3.

11:05 Music: The local releases you might have missed

RNZ Music journalist Kirsten Johnstone joins Kathryn to share some local releases that have flown under the radar this year.

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Photo: Bandcamp.com, Kamandi Facebook, RNZ

11:20 The will with a catch. Compelling true story of lives transformed

Will of Edward Kearney

Will of Edward Kearney Photo: Bettina Bradbury

Pieced together from evidence in archives, newspapers and family lore, Bettina Bradbury tells the riveting true story of a woman (Caroline Kearney) forced to travel half way across the world with her six children to a place she'd never been to before because her husband's will forced her to. The move transformed their lives as well as those of their descendants, some of whom now live in New Zealand. Bettina Bradbury says she wrote 'Caroline's Dilemma' because she was fascinated by why Caroline Kearney's husband made such a bizarre will.

11:45 1080 or not? New antibiotics discovered and why we freeze

This week, Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles gets excited about a new class of antibiotics from one of her favourite bacterial families and explains why we might freeze when startled.

emotion, expression and people concept - scared man in t-shirt over grey background

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