09:05 Govt prepares for returning jihadis with new law 

Mark John Taylor poses a risk of carrying out a terrorist attack, the US says.

Mark John Taylor poses a risk of carrying out a terrorist attack, the US says. Photo: Screenshot / 60 Minutes

The government is preparing for the potential return of foreign fighters from Syria with a proposed new counter-terrorism law.  It would give a High Court judge powers to place restrictions, known as control orders, on people who are deemed a terror threat on returning from overseas. The police would seek and then administer these orders, which could be applied to people aged 18 and older. The Green party will not support the bill, saying there are human rights implications and it could end up catching people who aren't actually terrorists. National says the bill isn't tough enough. Kathryn talks with University of Otago Professor of Law Andrew Geddis.

09:20  Kiwisaver savvy? Just being in it doesn't mean you're sorted.

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The Commission for Financial Capability is underscoring the need for pensioners to stretch their money through retirement, to avoid blowing their savings early on. That's why in one of its proposed changes to the retirement savings scheme, it suggests drip feeding portions of your Kiwisaver, through the years ahead. The comments come amid a three-year review and public discussion about retirement policy. Also up for debate is whether people who can't afford a home in a major city, should be allowed to use their KiwiSaver money to buy a home elsewhere, to help them get onto the property ladder. Interim Retirement Commissioner Peter Cordtz and Mint Asset Management's David Boyle join Kathryn to discuss. Submissions close on October 31st and can be made through the CFFC website.

09:45 Brexit crunch talks appear to yield no deal

UK correspondent Matt Dathan has the latest on the efforts to secure a Brexit deal, as government sources say it looks unlikely.


Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves from the rear of 10 Downing Street as last-ditch efforts on Brexit continue.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves from the rear of 10 Downing Street as last-ditch efforts on Brexit continue. Photo: AFP

10:05 The battle to publish Dr Zhivago

Many people are familiar with Dr Zhivago - the epic love story set during the Russian Revolution. What they might not know is the story of how the novel, written by Boris Pasternak, finally came to be published in Italy in 1957. The authorities in the Soviet Union didn't want the novel published, fearing it was critical of the Revolution and therefore anti-Soviet. It was smuggled into Milan, published in the West and and then smuggled back into the Soviet Union by the CIA in the hope of destabilising the regime. A new book by Lara Prescott, The Secrets We Kept, re-imagines the CIA's efforts to promote Dr Zhivago, and the efforts in particular of women.

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Photo: Lara Prescott.

10:35 Book review - Late in the Day by Tessa Hadley

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Hannah August reviews Late in the Day by Tessa Hadley, which is published by Penguin Books New Zealand.

"A beautifully observed study of the shifting tides in long friendships between married couples. Hadley interrogates the range of possible responses to a tragic event in incisive, resonant prose that makes this book very difficult to put down."

10:45 The Reading

The Imaginary Lives of James Poneke by Tina Makereti read by Mitch Thomas. Episode 6 of 12.

11:05 'Edge computing', algos in the govt sector and Netflix results

Technology commentator Peter Griffin looks at how "edge computing" will help speed up some real-time applications, the government looking to get the public involved on a proposed algorithm charter for public agencies and how did Netflix do in its third quarter results?

Edge computing vector illustration. Labeled explanation infographic scheme.

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11:25 Helping children get up and go

Tired exhausted lazy little girl lying on sofa at home. Sleepy kid resting relaxing on couch.

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Education consultant and parenting coach Joseph Driessen talks about children who lack motivation and drive - what's behind this, and how can parents help them regain direction?

11:45 Joker, Zombieland: Double Tap and Halloween shows

Film and TV reviewer Sarah McMullan looks at  Joaquin Phoenix's Joker, Zombieland: Double Tap, starring Woody Harrelson, and some shows to put you in the Halloween mood - including some for the kids.

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