09:05 Turkey launches offensive into northern Syria

A ground operation by Turkish troops is now underway in northern Syria, following earlier airstrikes. It's feared the operation could lead to conflict with Kurdish-led allies of the United States. Borzou Deragahi, an international correspondent for The Independent, joins Kathryn to discuss the operation's implications - particularly for ISIS prisoners held in camps by the Kurds.

Kurds living in Athens protest near the Turkish Embassy against the Turkish offensive in northern Syria.

Kurds living in Athens protest near the Turkish Embassy against the Turkish offensive in northern Syria. Photo: Giorgos Georgiou/NurPhoto/AFP

09:20 AI: two years for NZ to get it right

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Does NZ need to catch-up to the benefits artificial intelligence can have for wellbeing, sustainability and the economy?  And is there a lack of  leadership, manifested by the absence of a Chief Technology Officer? Technology Strategy Head of AI at Xero, Christopher Laing and Professor Michael Witbrock from Auckland University's School of Computer Science tell Kathryn Ryan that New Zealand needs to stop fearing disruption and instead embrace the opportunities AI can bring.  Christopher Laing says we have a two year window to take full advantage of AI, before we become followers as opposed to leaders.

09:45 Brexit deadlock and a dead whale in the Thames

UK correspondent Matthew Parris joins Kathryn to talk about the new twists and turns in Brexit as it turns into a deadlock. He'll also talk about Hessie the humpback which died in the Thames, the Extinction Rebellion demonstrations and the latest from the scandal involving a US diplomat's wife who fled the UK after the death of a young man near an airbase.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stands on the steps of 10 Downing Street ahead of the meeting with European Parliament President David Sassoli (not pictured) on 08 October 2019 in London, England. (Photo by WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto)

Photo: WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto/AFP

10:05 Holden Sheppard: growing up gay in small-town Western Australia

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Holden Sheppard grew up gay in a small rural town in Western Australia, where he says he felt completely invisible, as he tried to keep his thoughts and feelings under wraps.  He's written a critically-acclaimed debut novel, Invisible Boys, drawn from his own adolescence, which tells the story of three 16 year old boys, who seemingly have nothing in common, but are all in the throes of coming to terms with their sexuality in a tough rural town. Holden Sheppard describes himself as "a lifelong misfit, and a walking contradiction: a gym junkie who has played Pokemon competitively; a sensitive geek who loves aggressive punk rock; and a bogan who learned to speak French".

10:35 Book review - Paris Savages by Katherine Johnson

Anne Else reviews Paris Savages by Katherine Johnson, which is published by Simon & Schuster.

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10:45 The Reading

The Imaginary Lives of James Poneke by Tina Makereti read by Mitch Thomas. Episode 1 of 12.

11:05 TikTok social network: What should parents know?

Technology commentator Sarah Putt joins Kathryn to talk about TikTok, the first Chinese social network to break out of China. She'll also talk about developments in the fast-moving Internet of Things sector and how when it comes to Silicon Valley, growth is out and profit is in.

TikTok, a Chinese short-form video-sharing app, that's bigger than Twitter and Snapchat.

TikTok, a Chinese short-form video-sharing app, that's bigger than Twitter and Snapchat. Photo: AFP

11:25 Social attachment and mental well being in children

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Parenting commentator and educator Nathan Wallis discusses the importance of social attachment to mental well being, and conversely the role isolation plays in mental illness.  He says the emotional brain supports cognitive functions like planning for the future and controlling emotional responses. He'll talk about the role of parents in calming a child's stress response or brain stem.

11:45 Hustlers, Modern Love and The Movies

Film and TV reviewer James Croot joins Kathryn for a look at the movie Hustlers which is out today in New Zealand, Amazon Prime's new series Modern Love and documentary The Movies, which is available on TVNZ On Demand.

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