09:05 How do fuel companies set pump prices?

This week's drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities caused global prices to spike, but they have since fallen again.
Why then have some fuel companies here put prices up as much as six cents per litre? Energy Consultant Ian Twomey from Hale and Twomey gives some analysis of the week's events.

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09.15 Elizabeth Elliott: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

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Professor Elizabeth Elliott talks to Kathryn Ryan about her work of over twenty years researching and developing policies to curtail Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in children and alcohol use in pregnancy. A distinguished Professor in Paediatrics and Child Health in the Sydney University School of Medicine and Health, also a consultant paediatrician, Elizabeth is behind Australia's guide to diagnosing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in children.  For the past decade Elizabeth has been working with at-risk communities in north western Australia, where one in five children are affected.  Elizabeth is a keynote speaker at today's Cutting Edge conference.

09:30 Not funny: Will IT spawn more clown phobias?

Psychologists say they're expecting to see more patients in the wake of the release of clown movie IT: Chapter Two and The Joker. IT is the creation of author Stephen King and has spawned a mini-series and now two movies, based on a creature that manifests itself as a clown called Pennywise that feeds on children. The movie has an R16 certification, and the ads that have been broadcast on mainstream television have mostly been confined to after 8.30 at night, which is considered a time when children are unlikely to see them. Two complaints about ads for the film are currently before the Advertising Standards Authority. But if you suffer from coulrophobia, or a fear of clowns, how easy is it to avoid? And what responsibilities should advertisers have in this situation? Kathryn talks to Jock Matthews, who's a psychological and cognitive behavioural therapist and Clinical Director at Auckland's Rojolie Clinic, and Dr Patrick van Esch, Senior Lecturer - Marketing at Auckland University of Technology.

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09:45 Boris goes AWOL and David Cameron's memoirs

UK correspondent Matthew Parris looks at the Supreme Court hearing into whether Boris Johnson broke the law in proroguing parliament, speaking of Boris - where did he disappear to in Luxembourg? He'll also look at what David Cameron's memoirs revealed, and the hot water The Guardian found itself in over an editorial about the death of the former prime minister's son.

2015 file photo of David Cameron and Boris Johnson, when he was London mayor.

2015 file photo of David Cameron and Boris Johnson, when he was London mayor. Photo: AFP

10:05 Damon Salesa - imperative to embrace Pacific innovators and leaders

Pacific Historian Damon Salesa

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Damon Salesa calls for greater recognition of Pacific innovators and leaders. The University of Auckland Pro Vice-Chancellor Pacific, says New Zealand is becoming more Pacific by the hour and Pacific talent should be acknowledged and embraced, or potential will be squandered. Of  Samoan-Pālagi descent, Dr Salesa is a leading author and historian of Pacific studies and race relations. He says we are heading towards a population of old white people and young brown people : the fastest growing group of babies are Māori and Pasifika, and the caregivers for elderly Pākehā will be Pasifika, Māori, and Asian. So is the nation as diverse in action and thought as it needs to be for future decades?

10:35 Book review - Killer Instinct by James Patterson

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Sally Wenley reviews Killer Instinct by James Patterson, published by Penguin Random House.

10:45 The Reading

Wrecked on a Reef by Francois Raynal read by Bruce Phillips (Part 4 of a 10 part RNZ production, broadcast only). 

11:05 Apple announcements galore, but game changer is in privacy

Technology commentator Paul Matthews looks at what Apple released this week, from incredible new camera set ups to super-fast phones - but the biggest improvement might be "Sign in with Apple". He'll also talk about Facebook's attempt to tackle terrorism - will it really make a difference?

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11:25 Challenging negative stereotypes of millenials to Gen Z

Youth Development lecturer Pat Bullen from the University of Auckland says all too often young people are stereotyped, stigmitised and discriminated against. Her ongoing research debunks the myth that adolescents are rude, lazy, self-entitled risk-takers who need fixing.

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11:45 Mrs Wilson, Babylon Berlin

Film and TV reviewer Lara Strongman reviews Mrs Wilson, the true story about the grandmother of the actress who stars in it, Ruth Wilson. The three part series follows Alison Wilson as she tries to uncover the mystery of the life of her spy husband. Lara will also look at Babylon Berlin, which is set in the last years of the Weimar Republic ahead of Hitler's rise to power. 

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