09:05 Slow visa processing 'hurting employers'

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Business New Zealand says delays in processing of visa applications by Immigration New Zealand is holding the economy back and hurting employers. Last week, Education New Zealand warned the government that slow visa processing could cost the sector six billion dollars in revenue by 2025 as international students look to study elsewhere. Business New Zealand says employers up and down the country are struggling with unacceptable waits for migrant working visas to be processed. 90 per cent of applications for an essential skills work visa are currently taking three months to process, with some taking even longer. Kathryn speaks with Business NZ Immigration Manager Rachel Simpson, restaurateur and entrepreneur Fleur Caulton of the Go to Collection and Immigration New Zealand Assistant General Manager Peter Elms.

09:20 Sex assaults on campus

PhD candidate Kayla Stewart has been looking into sexual assault at tertiary institutions with 2700 responses to a survey at an un-named university. More than a third of respondents - or 36 per cent - had experienced some form of sexual assault. She joins Kathryn to talk about what other findings the survey contained and what conclusions can be drawn from the responses.

Professor giving presentation in lecture hall at university. Participants listening to lecture and making notes.

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09:45 Germany's Greens hit record highs & Trump's pipeline threat

Germany correspondent Thomas Sparrow looks at how the German Green Party has taken top spot in national voting intention polls and surpassed Angela Merkel's conservatives. He'll also report on US President Donald Trump saying Germany would be "hostage" to Russia if a planned NordStream II pipeline goes ahead and he'd consider sanctions to block it.

Former trampoline competitor turned Greens co-leader, Annalena Baerbock, speaks during the state party conference.

Former trampoline competitor turned Greens co-leader, Annalena Baerbock, speaks during the state party conference. Photo: AFP

10:05 Auckland heritage hero retires

George Farrant has been the Auckland Council's Principal Heritage Advisor for 37 years, he's retiring at the end of June During his tenure, he's been involved with multi million dollar upgrades to Auckland's Town Hall and Art Gallery, and also the landmark Civic Theatre. George Farrant likens his role in urban design, and particularly heritage to conducting a very large orchestra of talented professionals. 

10:45 The Reading

The Ice Shelf written and adapted by Anne Kennedy told by Amy Tarleton (Part 6 of 10, RNZ)

11:05 Political commentators Matthew Hooton & Stephen Mills

Matthew, Stephen and Kathryn dissect the recent announcement of troop withdrawal from Iraq, details of a defence spend up and a likely end to the teachers' dispute. Will it help clear the air following the budget shambles? And is it time to put Phil Twyford out of his misery in his portfolio?

Matthew Hooton is the managing director of the PR and lobbying firm, Exceltium. Stephen Mills is the executive director of UMR Research and former political adviser to two Labour governments. 

Phil Twyford

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11:30 Trash Fish - underused seafood still worth its salt

Tom Hutchison

Tom Hutchison Photo: supplied

Tom Hutchison, the chef at Wellington restaurant Capitol, is challenging us to eat less popular fish, or seafood more commonly seen as bait and to waste nothing! Following the nose to tail philosophy he says there is an ocean of  possibility beneath the sea.

Tom Hutchison is hosting "Trash Fish and Second Thoughts" as part of Visa Wellington on a Plate, which runs between 1st - 31st August and for which tickets go on sale today.

11:45 Hunger Mountain, Foulden Maar and Jerusalem

It's 50 years since James K Baxter began his community for drop-outs, de-toxers and drifters at Jerusalem and Kennedy's been reading his letters from this period. He'll also touch on why Foulden Maar seems to have captured the public imagination.

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