Written by Anne Kennedy

Told by Amy Tarleton   

Adapted for production by Anne Kennedy

Engineered by William Saunders     

Produced by  Duncan Smith


On the eve of flying to Antarctica to take up an arts fellowship, thirty-something Janice, recently separated, has a long night of remembrance, regret and realisation as she goes about the city looking for a friend to take care of her fridge while she’s away. En route she discards section after section of her manuscript shaping it into a stronger, sleeker work of literature.

The Ice Shelf is an electrifying allegory for the dangers of wasting love and other non-renewable resources.




Anne Kennedy is a poet, novelist and screenplay editor who lives in Auckland. Her first book was the poetry collection 100 Traditional Smiles (VUP, 1988). She has twice won the New Zealand Book Award for Poetry, for Sing-Song in 2004 and The Darling North in 2013. Her novel The Last Days of the National Costume (2013) was shortlisted for the New Zealand Post Book Award for Fiction in 2014. Anne was Victoria University of Wellington Writer in Residence in 2016, and her latest novel is The Ice Shelf (2018).

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Photo: Robert Cross

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