09:05 Grieving father to Google: "have some human decency"

WDBJ7 TV reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27

WDBJ7 TV reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27 Photo: AFP/WDBJ7-TV

In the aftermath of the mass shootings many questions are being asked about how the attacks could happen: of intelligence agencies, of our gun laws and of the tech giants who allow harmful material to be conveyed to millions of users. In 2015, Andy Parker's daughter Alison, who was a Virginia based TV reporter,  was fatally shot by an ex-employee of the station during a live interview. The gunman later posted a video of the shooting to his Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Four years later, that video is still available online on google owned platforms. Andy Parker has been campaigning tirelessly on two fronts - firstly, for gun law reform, and secondly against tech platforms for failing to block and take down objectionable content.

09.20 Red Cross in Christchurch

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Photo: RNZ / AFP

The Red Cross, with the Police, have set up a missing people register, is providing psychological support to families in Christchurch and has been working with relatives arriving at Auckland airport on their way to help family in Christchurch.  

09:40 How do we care for the carer?

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Compassion for patients is a prerequisite for healthcare professionals -  but who is caring for the carer?  Professor Nathan Consedine is a psychologist who specialises in the study of emotion and compassion. He says health professionals are compassionate by nature but that compassion begins to wane when doctors become burnt out, as a result of short GP visits, long hours and stretched staffing rosters. Nathan talks to Kathryn about the systemic issues which plague the health sector and undermine doctors ability to practice with compassion.

09:45 US reaction to Christchurch terror attack

From the US, Washington bureau chief of The Guardian, David Smith talks to Kathryn about the reaction to the Christchurch mosque shootings and also President Donald Trump's tepid response to whether Facebook and Twitter should do more to stop terrorists exploiting social media.

10:05 The astronauts of our ancestors: Na'alehu Anthony

The day breaks over Hōkūleʻa with Kualoa behind her.

Photo: ʻŌiwi TV

Hawaiian filmmaker Na'alehu Anthony is in New Zealand to present his documentary Moananuiākea: One People. One Ocean. One Canoe, which is screening at the Maoriland film festival, in Otaki this week. 

It's the story of the ocean going waka Hōkūle'a's voyage around the world.  The Hōkūle'a is one of two double-hulled Polynesian sailing canoes which travelled to 85 ports in 28 countries between 2014-2017.

This great endeavor went by the name of  the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage - a Hawaiian name meaning "To care for our Earth."   The Hōkūle'a was built to revive the craft of star navigation: to prove the people of the Pacific didn't come to the islands by accident, that they were in fact "the astronauts of our ancestors".

Another aim of the voyage was to protect indigenous culture. Na'alehu has captained the Hōkūle'a, and is a co-founder of Hawaiian TV channel O'iwi TV- a channel similar to Maori TV, which is devoted to indigenous voices.

10:35 NZ Books review

Harry Ricketts from quarterly review periodical New Zealand Books Pukapuka Aotearoa reviews

10:45 The Reading

Flea Market, a short story by James Norcliffe, read by Bruce Philips.

11:05 The role off new NZ'ers in our companies and economy

Business commentator Rod Oram talks to Kathryn about the vital role new New Zealanders play in our workforce and contributing to the economy. Also, a judge has ordered Cameron Slater, Carrrick Graham and Food and Grocery Council CEO Katherine Rich to pay costs of $24,063 to three pubic health practitioners - Doug Sellman, Boyd Swinburn and Shane Bradbrook.

11:30 The making of you, from cell to human

Katharina Vestre

Katharina Vestre Photo: composite

Fascinating information on how we are formed, from first cell to first breath, with Norwegian cell biologist Katharina Vestre. Her book, The Making of You - a journey from cell to human contains a range of facts about how we are formed.

11:45 Duty of care for media covering Christchurch massacre

Media commentator Gavin Ellis looks behind the coverage of last Friday’s horrific shootings, with media executives  putting in place counselling services for journalists who may suffer post traumatic stress disorder. What is their duty of care in these circumstances?. Also, once again, pverseas media felt immune to the restraints on New Zealand outlets after the gunman was arrested. And that foreign coverage was there for New Zealanders to see online.

Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald.  He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz