09:05 A gondola on Franz Josef?

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Photo: Photo by Tom Hoyle

The tension between tourism, recreation and conservation in our national parks, as underpinned by the spectre of a gondola on one of our most unique natural areas, the Franz Josef Glacier. Kathryn Ryan discusses with President of the New Zealand Alpine club John Palmer.

09:20 18 year old science student wins $50k in PM's awards

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Photo: Mark Tantrum

18 year old budding physicist Finn Messerli was awarded the Prime Minister's Future Science Prize last night at a ceremony at  parliament for his research into the physics of flows of a wide range of granular materials. It's research which could ultimately help scientists better understand the risks of avalanches and slips, but also has potential for applications in a range of industries. Finn is the third student from Onslow College to be named Future Science Prize winner since the PM's awards began 10 years ago. He talks with Kathryn along with his teacher, Onslow College Head of Science Kent Hogan.

09:30 By Heart, Tiago Rodrigues. An ode to language

By Heart

By Heart Photo: @Magda Bizarro

Written and performed by Portuguese playwright and actor Tiago Rodrigues, By Heart gets 10 audience volunteers to attempt the intellectual challenge of learning a poem, by heart, on stage. While the poem is being learnt, the participants and  audience are lead through a series of illuminating, inter-generational stories about famous writers, fictional characters, and most profoundly of all, his grandmother, who is losing her sight and with it, the ability to read.Playing at the Loft, Q Theatre from March 13 - 16th By Heart is part of the Auckland Arts Festival.

09:45 Australia correspondent Bernard Keane

Barnaby Joyce addresses media ahead of his personal leave.

Barnaby Joyce addresses media ahead of his personal leave. Photo: Screengrab from Ten News

How National is tearing itself apart over the leadership of the party, and the right to the job of Deputy Prime Minister, with Barnaby Joyce insisting he had a right to the job.

10:05 Anabel Hernandez: A Massacre in Mexico

Mexico Anabel Hernandez

Mexico Anabel Hernandez Photo: composite

Award winning Mexican investigative journalist Anabel Hernandez on her remarkable account of the disappearance and deaths of 43 students in 2014 - and the subsequent coverup.

10:35 Book review - The Glovemaker

Lisa Finucane reviews The Glovemaker by Ann Weisgarber, published by Macmillan

10:45 The Reading

Barefoot Years - a memoir written and read by Martin Edmond  (Part 3 of 5)=

11:05 Taite Music Prize 2019 finalists 

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Music 101's Yadana Saw looks at the finalists for the 2019 Taite Music Prize

11:20 Penguins and why we love them

Penguin expert and award winning filmaker and writer Professor Lloyd Spencer Davis on his new book Waddle on the endearing animals he's been studying for four decades.

11:45 Why forgetting is hard

concept image of colored sections of a male human brain.

Photo: 123RF

Associate Professor Dr Siouxsie Wiles on how forgetting memories may take more mental effort than continuing to remember them. Also the new study suggesting autonomous driving systems may have more difficulty detecting pedestrians with dark skin than those with light skin, and what researchers have discovered about the largest known mass child sacrifice, and llama sacrifice, in Peru in the 15th century.