09:05 Airbnb launches new Experiences, but questions remain

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Airbnb is launching a new business channel in New Zealand, which could further increase the global accommodation platform's sway in the tourism market.  It comes weeks after Auckland Mayor Phil Goff imposed a bed tax on online accommodation providers, with Airbnb facing on-going criticism for exacerbating a shortage of housing in tourism hot spots. The new product is Airbnb Experience, enabling anyone to sell an activity to a visitor, such as a Cuba Street Culinary Tour or riding a Penny Farthing in Oamaru. Airbnb Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Sam McDonagh.

09:25 Prominent legal expert says Family Court needs reform

Calls for reform of the family court system and the need for more resources  are being backed by a prominent international expert on legal issues related to children and families in the justice system. Professor Nicholas Bala from Canada's Queen's Law School says while family dispute resolution works in many cases,  much better resources are needed for the most difficult ones. He's calling for a clearer and more effective role of Oranga Tamaraki in high conflict separations, as well as faster assessments, and more lawyers being brought in at the early stages. An overhaul of the Family Court in 2014 put the onus on parents to resolve custody disputes, causing a dramatic increase in urgent applications.

Professor Nicholas Bala's work in this area has been cited by all levels of court in Canada, including the Supreme Court, as well as by courts in New Zealand, America  England, Singapore and Australia. 

09:35 Govt clamps down on cowboy clampers - why no ban?

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To protect the public from paying excessive fees, the Government's announced a cap of $100 to get clamps removed. Consumer advocates say they should  have gone further and introduced a full ban. Consumer New Zealand's Jessica Wilson says she hopes the new moves will stop some of the most outrageous behaviour, but would also like to see clear rules around signage, good character tests and it to be made easier  for motorists to make complaints.

09:45 "No Deal Brexit" moves up a gear

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May  speaking in the House of Commons on Brexit in London on July 9, 2018.

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UK Correspondent, Matt Dathan says planning for a No Deal Brexit is being stepped up as the latest immigration figures are released. Jeremy Corbyn and the anti-Semitism row reaches a head and new foreign secretary attacks Russia in his first speech.

10:05 Stuff You Should Know!

Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant from the podcast, Stuff You Should Know

Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant from the podcast, Stuff You Should Know Photo: supplied

Have you ever wondered how whole-body cryotherapy works? Or how Braille works? Or how the sun works? These are just a handful of the many and varied topics that Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant have tackled in their hugely successful podcast, Stuff You Should Know. They join Lynn Freeman to talk about how it all began 10 years ago, and how it has evolved into a live stage show, which is coming to Auckland in September.

10:35 Book review - Radiant Shimmering Light by Sarah Selecky

Catriona Ferguson reviews Radiant Shimmering Light by Sarah Selecky, published by Text Publishing

"Radiant Shimmering Light is a sharp analysis of the multi-billion dollar self-help industry. Anyone who has ever raised an eyebrow at the healing power of crystals and self-styled empowerment gurus who say things like 'love is a verb, not a noun' will find much to enjoy in this funny debut from Canadian writer Sarah Selecky."

10:45 The Reading

11:05 A phone costs what?!

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Photo: AFP

Tech correspondent Sarah Putt been looking into the cost of Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 - its price tag is $1999! She also has details about the rise and rise of Mobile Gaming and asks how did Pokemon Go go from Hero to Zero and Back to Hero?

11:25 How does birth order affect your personality?

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Over the last 100 years there's been much fascination about whether a person's birth order among siblings has a lasting impact on their life course. Does it influence personality? Does it influence intelligence? What about other aspects of our lives?  Psychologist Sarb Johal joins Lynn with research on birth order.

11:45 The Price of Everything and Hang Ups

Reviewer Lara Strongman has been watching The Price of Everything about the international art market and major art collectors. She's also been casting her eye over somewhat ruder new British comedy Hang Ups, which airs on TVNZ on Demand.

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