09:05 Report forecasts future of weather-related insurance claims

A house in Ruby Bay.

A house in Ruby Bay. Photo: RNZ / Logan Church

New research by Motu Economic and Public Policy Research has examined the impact on EQC of weather related flood claims. Wild weather has seen Earthquake Commission pay out nearly 300 million dollars on 25 thousand claims since the beginning of this century - but low income homeowners affected by floods and slips - get fewer payouts. Report co-author, Professor Ilan Noy, says higher income homeowners, living within six kms of the coast, made more than half the claims. He says the analysis is the beginning of understanding what we may face in the future when it comes to weather-related claims.

09:15 TV watershed. Should we keep it clean before 8.30pm?

File photo

File photo Photo: 123RF

Is the TV watershed a relic of a time - or do we still need some kind of nationally agreed control ? The Broadcasting Standards Authority is considering a shake-up of the way it helps parents regulate their children's viewing on free-to-air television. It is also considering whether it should adopt the same classification labels as pay TV. The BSA  is launching a public consultation to find out what the nation thinks with an online survey  and series of public meetings. Kathryn discusses with the BSA Chief Executive, Belinda Moffat.

09:30 Iwi kiwifruit venture grows Māori economy

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Photo: RNZ/ Nick Monro

A three way collaboration between iwi groups Ngāti Awa Group Holdings, Rotoma No I, and Te Arawa Group Holdings recently secured a deal, buying three Bay of Plenty kiwifruit orchards. Together as the Matai Pacific Iwi Collective, the plan is to grow the Māori economy, provide job opportunities and career paths. Andrew West is Te Arawa Group Holdings' Past Chairman and Neville King is Rotoma No 1's CEO. 

09:45 Deadline passes for US border children reunification

A two-year-old Honduran asylum seeker cries as her mother is searched and detained near the U.S.-Mexico border on June 12, 2018 in McAllen, Texas.

A two-year-old Honduran asylum seeker cries as her mother is searched and detained near the U.S.-Mexico border on June 12, 2018 in McAllen, Texas. Photo: AFP

US correspondent, Susan Milligan tells how more than 700 undocumented immigrant children, who were separated from their parents at the border, have not been reunited, despite the deadline passing.

10:05 A Portrait of Vivienne Westwood

Westwood: Punk Icon Activist

Westwood: Punk Icon Activist Photo: supplied

Dame Vivienne Westwood was a reluctant interviewee for filmmaker Lorna Tucker. But despite her reservations and grumbles, the 77 year old fashion icon made a captivating documentary subject. Westwood: Punk. Icon. Activist  is a warts and all documentary about the designer, charting her many highs and lows over 40 years at the forefront of British fashion. Dame Vivienne was a challenging subject to say the least, bored by her own life story, but the film manages to weave the story together with candid interviews from family, friends and fashionistas. Director Lorna Tucker joins Kathryn to talk about the challenges of taking on an icon and making a film she disapproves of.



10:35 Book review - A Weekend in New York by Benjamin Markovits

Stella Chrysostomou from Volume book shop reviews A Weekend in New York by Benjamin Markovits, published by Faber.   

10:45 The Reading

Resistance by Rebecca Barnes:  The government wants to implant electronic chips in the brains of all the NZ populace but small pockets of resistance are forming around the country (2 of 15)

RNZ Production.

11:05 Importance of Fonterra Chairman's resignation

Rod Oram says in any business, a change of chairman is always noteworthy, because each new one brings their own skills and experience to the job. But in Fonterra’s case, John Wilson's resignation is very important because of the size of the company - it’s our largest company and exporter - and because the business needs a very decisive change of leadership.

John Wilson

John Wilson Photo: Robin Martin

11:30 Keep on truckin'. Yarns from the open road

Randolph Covich

Randolph Covich Photo: penguinrandomhouse.co.nz

Hailing from a three-generation trucking family, Randolph Covich has diesel running through his veins. His new book, 'Life on the Road: Kiwi Trucking stories' captures some fascinating stories of New Zealand's unsung roadie heroes as they travel the open road, keeping the country running. It includes everything from skirmishes with the law, runaway trucks, and the occasional stupid motorist - to the characters of the industry, with nicknames, like Bubbles, Bear and Two Moons.

Randolph Covich is now the Director of Content for Bauer Media's Trader division, and edits its Deals on Wheels magazine. He is also the chief fire officer at the Titirangi Volunteer Fire Brigade.

11:45  Will Stuff be sold?

stuff logo

stuff logo Photo: supplied

Gavin Ellis believes the Nine Network takeover of Fairfax spells the certain sale of the Stuff group in New Zealand.  The Christchurch Star has been bought in a deal that keeps it in the family. And howls of anguish from the British media over the Sir Cliff Richard judgment against the BBC?.

Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald.  He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz

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