09:05 Calls for national wastewater testing after meth use revealed

Meth Campaign

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A wastewater study's revealed Auckland's meth problems to be significant highly than many European cities. The Massey led study analysed a week of daily wastewater samples from two Auckland and eight Australian urban wastewater treatment plants during 2014 and 2015. Dr Chris Wilkins is the Drugs Team Leader  at Massey University's SHORE & Whariki Research Centre. He says meth use is often under-reported and a national programme of wastewater testing would  be able to monitor our drug habits, including alcohol and tobacco, more effectively.

09:30 Kiwi hunt for Nessie - stage one complete

Loch Ness Monster

Who knows what Professor Neil Gemmell will find in Loch Ness? Photo: composite

The existence of the Loch Ness Monster is one of the world's greatest mysteries - and the world is one step closer to solving it, thanks to a New Zealand lead project. Otago University's Professor Neil Gemmell has completed the first phase of his expedition scouring the Scottish Lake using new DNA capturing techniques to identify anything and everything living in it. While no-one from the team encountered the famed monster, Professor Gemmell is open minded about what the DNA analysis may reveal.

09:45 ABC ban and MMR investigation in the Pacific

Measles, MMR (file photo)

Measles, MMR (file photo) Photo: 123RF

Pacific correspondent Sara Vui-Talitu examines why the Nauru Government is banning ABC journalists from attending the Pacific Forum leaders meeting in September. Also, there is a major heath investigation underway following the death of two infants in Samoa, after receiving the MMR vaccine.

10:05 Al Lester - Straight from the Pig's Mouth

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Al Lester is a larger-than-life former detective sergeant who retired from the police two years ago after 31 years on the force.  His book, Straight From The Pig's Mouth, tells the stories of those years with black humour and straight talking. A detective with a knack for getting the truth out of criminals, he says he's redefined the term PIG to stand for Pride, Intelligence and Guts.

10:35 Book review - Florida by Lauren Groff

Bronwyn Wylie-Gibb from University Book Shop, Otago reviews Florida by Lauren Groff, published by: Penguin   

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Music of Vincent H.L, Hamish Kilgour and Chaka Khan

Hamish Kilgour Chaka Khan and Vincent H.L.

Hamish Kilgour Chaka Khan and Vincent H.L. Photo: composite

 One former bandmate described it as "nightmare country", but Auckland singer/guitarist Vincent H.L's twang-heavy suburban psych-country racket sounds pretty damn heavenly to our music reviewer, Grant Smithies. We'll also hear a hidden "ghost track" from Clean drummer Hamish Kilgour's new solo album Finklestein, and a welcome new single from Chicago's long-lost "Queen of Funk", Chaka Khan.

11:30 NZ's new shotput champ, FWC & Federer's Wimbledon is over

NZ shot putter Maddison Wesche.

NZ shot putter Maddison Wesche. Photo: Athletics NZ

Sports commentator Brendan Telfer looks at the two Football World Cup finalists and what happened to England in the semi-finals. Also, Roger Federer has been knocked out of Wimbledon, and NZ has a new junior world shot put champion, Madison-Lee Wesche.

11:45 Cheesy mystery with Te Radar & Irene Pink

cheese in the garden

cheese in the garden Photo: supplied

Baffling blocks of cheese in inner-Melbourne gardens, and a train carrying human waste through Alabama causes a stink.