09:05 60 businesses commit to climate change action

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CEOs of 60 businesses across the country, collectively responsible for nearly 50% of our emissions, are banding together to combat climate change.  Members of this Climate Leaders Coalition include Z Energy, Fonterra, Westpac, Ngai Tahu Holdings, Vector, Air New Zealand, Spark and NZ Post. By signing the CEO Climate Change Statement, each of the business leaders is committing to measuring and reporting their greenhouse gas emissions to align with the Paris Agreement.  Z Energy CEO Mike Bennetts is convening the Climate Leaders Coalition.  He talks to Kathryn Ryan along with Westpac CEO Karen Silk.


09:35 Commissioner targets govt & biodegradable plastics

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Photo: www.pce.parliament.nz

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Simon Upton, is calling on government to pick up its game around biodegradable plastics and its overall environmental goals. The commissioner wants urgent attention paid to understanding the implications for the end of life of these products, as well as sorting out the terminology and labeling schemes. To this end an online resource of key facts aimed at improving consumer and business understanding of the plastics issue is going live at 11am.


09:35 Teens take chemistry skills to Olympiad

Taiji Endo (team reserve), Callan Loomes and Steven Ma

Taiji Endo (team reserve), Callan Loomes and Steven Ma Photo: supplied

Four New Zealand High School students are about to head off to Slovakia and the the Czech Republic to pit their chemistry skills against other teenagers. The 50th International Chemistry Olympiad gets underway next week, with  students from 86 countries taking part. St Peters College Science teacher Andrew Rogers will be supporting the students, which includes Steven Ma, who is a year 13 student at Auckland Grammar School.

09:45 Heartbreak for England

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Despite President Trump's imminent arrival in Britain, our UK correspondent Gerri Peev says there are just two things the country is talking about: football and Brexit. She'll have all the reaction from the World Cup semi final, as well as news of the musical chairs in Theresa May's cabinet.

10:05 Robin Burcell: Californian Cop to thriller writer

Author Robin Burcell and her latest book, co-authored with Clive Cussller, "The Grey Ghost"

Author Robin Burcell and her latest book, co-authored with Clive Cussller, "The Grey Ghost" Photo: composite

Robin Burcell was a police officer in California for almost 30 years. After she retired from the force, she focused on her writing career and then came a call up of a different kind. She received an invitation from the international best selling author Clive Cussler, who asked whether she would like to co-write a book with him. Since then Robin has been on a whirlwind ride, writing stories with one of her heroes. The latest, The Grey Ghost, is out now. She tells Kathryn about her life as a cop, a forensic artist and how she pours all that experience into her writing.

10:35 Book review - The Nine-Chambered Heart by Janice Pariat

Jessie Bray Sharpin reviews The Nine-Chambered Heart by Janice Pariat, published by HarperCollins.   

10:45 The Reading

11:05 How to stay secure with your devices

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Serge Egelman, a privacy researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, who studies the security of mobile apps, has details on how to keep your devices safe.

11:25 Nathan Mikaere Wallis : the science of sleep

Is sleep training harmful? And How hormones effect sleep? Nathan Mikaere Wallis tells Kathryn it depends on age and context, risk and resilience factors.

11:45 Good Girls and The Imposters

Netflix's The Good Girls and The Imposters on Lightbox

Netflix's The Good Girls and The Imposters on Lightbox Photo: composite

TV Reviewer Lara Strongman has been watching Two crime/drama/caper/comedies with great parts for women: Netflix's Good Girls and The Imposters on Lightbox

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