09:05 Commissioner on the cards for Unitec

Unitec Campus signage in Mt Albert

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

The Government is considering appointing a commissioner to run Unitec in Auckland. The process has been undertaken by the government after it was revealed the institution was expected to make deficits of nearly $100 million over four years. How do the latest developments affect staff and students? Lynn Freman speaks to Sandra Grey, the president of the Tertiary Education Union and President of the Unitec student council, Matalena O'Mara. 

09:20 How many children missing out on HPV vaccine ?

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The latest Ministry of Health figures show 73 schools have refused to take part in the free school HPV immunisation programme, which protects against cervical and genital cancers and some forms of head and neck cancer. This could mean thousands of children are missing out. But those figures are from 2009 - just a year after the HPV programme began and seven years before it was extended to boys. Meanwhile a nationwide shortage of the vaccine means that some teenagers have been unable to have the second injection to complete their immunisation. Lynn Freeman is joined by the Director General of Public Health Dr Caroline McElnay and Dr Helen Petousis-Harris, Research Director of the Immunisation Advisory Centre.

9.30 World's youngest bookworms: Kids' Lit Quiz winners

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An Australia team, from Canberra Grammar School, has won the 2018 world title in the “sport of reading”: the 2018 Kids’ Lit Quiz. The New Zealand team, from Belmont Intermediate School, came fourth. The Kids' Lit Quiz is a Kiwi invention, which has been going for 27 years, and took place at St Kentigerns School in Auckland yesterday.  Lynn Freeman speaks with two of the winning bookworms, Evie van Wijk, 11, and Jordan Iglesias, 13.

09:45 Brexit and the NHS turns 70

UK correspondent photo

UK correspondent photo Photo: 123 RF

UK correspondent, Tim Sculthope reports that Theresa May is to try and push her Cabinet into agreeing a position on Brexit as time is fast running out. With just five months and one summit left, Britain doesn't yet have an opening negotiating position. Plus politicians are falling over themselves to be nice about the NHS as the it turns 70 years old.

10:05 Jurassic World? Bringing back extinct animals

The cutting edge of de-extinction science, and the men and women trying to bring animals back from the dead. Swedish science journalist Torill Kornfeldt has been exploring the how and the why, as well as the ethics, of bringing back extinct species that include woolly mammoths, aurochs and dinosaurs.

10:35 The Reading

10:45 Book review - You Think It, I'll Say It by Curtis Sittenfeld

Laura Caygill reviews You Think It, I'll Say It by Curtis Sittenfeld, which is published by Doubleday.  

10:50 Russell McVeagh handled allegations poorly: Bazley report

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An independent review has found the law firm Russell McVeagh handled sexual misconduct allegations against them poorly when they arose in 2015 and 2016, and that these failures had serious consequences for the people involved. Among the allegations were that a partner groped and kissed four female student summer clerks at a Christmas party in December 2015. Dame Margaret Bazley conducted the review and released her findings today. RNZ reporter Ann-Marie May talks to Lynn from the news conference where the report was released.

11:05 Is the Internet broken?


Data Photo: 123RF

Futurist, writer and educator Mark Pesce discusses how the internet is not performing as well as it could because things beneath the bonnet are broken and he also questions whether Facebook really is listening in on our lives?

11:25  First time parent. From theory to practice

Dr Annette Henderson and her son Jaxson

Dr Annette Henderson and her son Jaxson Photo: supplied

What's it like becoming a parent when you are a top researcher in child development ? Dr Annette Henderson  joins Nine to Noon to talk about her experiences of becoming a first time Mum and seeing for herself how the practice aligned with the theory (or not!). She discusses infant development and has some practical advice related to early childhood parenting.

Dr Annette Henderson is a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland and an expert in early childhood development with a specific focus on social and cognitive development 0 - 6 years of age.

11:45 Sicario and Garry Shandling

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Photo: composite

Paul Casserly reviews the Mexican boarder thriller Sicario: Day of the Soldado and documentary series, The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling which is on Soho.


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