09:05 Accountants frustrated with sluggish IRD processing

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Accountants tell of their continuing frustrations with the Inland Revenue's website. They say the site is sluggish and over the last two weeks has caused huge angst for them and their clients - with many not being able to log on to the online MyIR tax system at all. IR says it found the problem and fixed it yesterday - but many accountants are still unhappy with the extra pressure they've had to deal with. John Cuthbertson from Chartered Accountants, Australia New Zealand, and  Tax Principal with a financial services company Craig Macalister join Kathryn to talk through the latest issues. Also Erin Polaczuk of the PSA, which represents some IR staff.

09.20 Skilled trades: brains and brawn required

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American philosopher and motorcycle mechanic Matthew B. Crawford tells Kathryn Ryan both the education system and society underplay the intellectual aspects of making and fixing things with our hands.  Matthew is the author of New York Times bestseller Shop Class as Soulcraft: An inquiry into the value of work which seeks to restore the integrity of manual trades. Matthew is visiting NZ this week as a guest at the Industry Training Federation's conference.

09:45 Brexit, Heatwaves and Beer shortages in UK

Political reporter at the Press Association, Harriet Line, on the widening Cabinet divisions over Brexit, a shock report over hundreds of hospital deaths, Britain in heatwave and also facing a beer shortage!

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10:05 Accidental soldier: from teenage wasteland to Iraq deployment 

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Matt Young was an 18 year old with a hangover when he enlisted to become an infantryman in the US Marine Corps. Between 2005 and 2009 he completed three tours as a so-called “grunt” in Iraq during the American occupation. He’s just published an unflinching, unsparing , irreverent, and at times, shocking memoir about those years, called Eat The Apple.

10:35 Book review - Larchfield by Polly Clark

Ralph McAllister reviews Larchfield by Polly Clark, published by Quercus Publishing.

10:45 The Reading

Watch of Gryphons by Owen Marshall told by Peter Hambleton (Part 4 of 5)

11:05 Uber recruits female drivers in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi woman practices driving in Riyadh, on April 29, 2018, ahead of the lifting of a ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia in the summer.

Photo: AFP

Technology correspondent Sarah Putt looks into how robots will be calling the shots at Wimbledon and how Uber is recruiting women drivers in Saudi Arabia.

11:25 Parentification: when children step in to a caring role

What happens to children when they have to step into a caring role usually carried out by an adult? What is the impact of this on development?  And at the other end of the lifespan, many children are taking part in the care of older parents - how does this affect family relationships? Psychologist Sarb Johal discusses the issues with Kathryn.

11:45 Compelling TV: Grenfell and Nanette

Lara Strongman reviews Grenfell on TV 1 and Nanette on Netflix

Lara Strongman reviews Grenfell on TV 1 and Nanette on Netflix Photo: composite

Lara Strongman reviews Grenfell, the profoundly moving feature-length documentary about the fire that engulfed a London tower block, which screened on TV1 last Sunday at 8:30pm. She has also been watching Nanette, an extraordinary piece of stand-up comedy against homophobia and sexism, by Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby, now on Netflix.


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