09:05 Meth evictions. Who will take their case ?

An Auckland housing advocate says the Minister must order Housing New Zealand to immediately reimburse tenants who've been evicted on the basis of now now-discredited meth testing, and pursued for costs. Housing New Zealand's chief executive has apologised today for using flawed measures on methamphetamine contamination to evict 300 tenants and suggested it may pay compensation.

But advocates say the number of tenants affected may be higher as tenants don't know where to go for help or what to do next, and there is no single agency which acts on their behalf in this matter. Kathryn Ryan talks to Angela Maynard the Coordinator of the Tenants' Protection Association Auckland and Darryn Aitchison who is the co-manager of the Auckland Community Law Centre.

09:20 The future of the electric grid in a carbon-free future

Transpower is preparing for major changes in the energy sector,  from growing demand for renewable sources, to more households going off grid. Its latest report on the country's energy future - Te Mauri Hiko - predicts a doubling of electricity demand in the next 30 years, much of which will come from industry demands and from converting cars and trucks to being powered by electricity. Transpower's chief executive Alison Andrew, talks to Kathryn Ryan.

Otahuhu Power Station.

Photo: RNZ / Lauren Baker

09:45 Australia correspondent Jonathan Pearlman 

Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce's career in turmoil; is Australia's property boom finally over ? Also  the tiny outback town the Government wants to close.

10:05 Giselle Clarkson The Secret Life of Butterflies

Giselle Clarkson became an instant social media hit with her illustration, Common Household Biscuits and Slices of New Zealand which appeared in Kate de Goldi and Susan Paris' book, Annual 2 last year. Her dream to become an 'adventure illustrator' is on the way to coming true after trips to the Subantarctic Islands after which she produced a School Journal story. Now, Giselle has teamed up with writer Courtney Sina Meredith and produced a children's book about New Zealand butterflies in conjunction with an exhibition at the Auckland Museum

10:35 Book review: When I Hit You Or, A Portrait of the Writer
Laura Caygill reviews When I Hit You Or, A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Wife by Meena Kandasamy, published by Atlantic Books.

10:45 The Reading

A Lover's Game, a short story written & told by Ellie Smith.
An unhappily married couple plays one last lover's game before parting forever.

11:05 Dory Previn's 1971 album Mythical Kings and Igaunas

Confessional singer-songwriter Dory Previn was born in 1925 and had a whole career in writing before becoming a singer songwriter in the 1970s. Her second solo LP Mythical Kings and Igaunas is a quest for spiritual fulfillment and a loving relationship. Graeme Downes is a musicologist and senior lecturer in the Department of Music at the University of Otago.

Dory Previn - Lady with the Braid

Dory Previn - Lady with the Braid Photo: YouTube

11:20 Twenty- four year old ticketing tech entrepreneur

No caption

Photo: supplied

Ezel Kokcu  is the founder of Passphere - an event and ticketing management system, set to launch in a couple of months. The business builds on her two earlier startups - Non-Stop Tix, a ticketing platform, and STQRY, an app that allowed users to discover museums and events in their area. She tells Kathryn how she dropped out of her first year computer science course at university to found STQRY, and four years later was working with museums all over the world.

11:45 Arts commentator Courtney Johnston

A focus on contemporary crafts with a new award, a new public art commission, and a new exhibition all featuring craft artists.