09:05 Can Mycoplasma bovis be eradicated?  What is the plan to try?

What's behind the Government's decision to try and eradicate the disease rather than manage it as an ongoing presence in NZ farming? Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says there is a window to attempt the bold move at a cost of about 886-million-dollars, but there can be no guarantees. Richard Laven from  Animal Health, at Massey University's School of Veterinary Science, has been involved with the industry working group advising MPI since the beginning of the outbreak.

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09:20 Wage penalty of motherhood - revealed

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New research is revealing how parenthood contributes to the gender pay gap, with motherhood coming at a significant price for most women. The Parenthood and Labour Market Outcomes study shows having children exacerbates existing gender wage gaps, and is especially noticeable for women who were in a high income bracket before giving birth. But while being a mother means decreased hours and wages, there's no such change for dads.The study examined outcomes in 2006-15 of non-parents and parents who had their first child in 2003-10.

Dr Isabelle Sin is a Fellow at the Motu Economic and Public Policy Research think tank and co-author of the new paper for the Ministry of Women.

09:30 Robotics, AI and architecture

ICD/ITKE Research Pavillion

ICD/ITKE Research Pavillion Photo: ICD/ITKE University Stuttgart, Lauren Vasey

How will AI and robotics revolutionise (or disrupt) architecture and the construction industry? Lauren Vasey from the Institute for Computational Design at the University of Stuttgart is at the forefront of robotic fabrication, using machines to build web-like glass and carbon fibre structures. She is in New Zealand as keynote speaker at the Paradigm Shift Series which is architectural event showcasing new technology. She believes that in the not too distant future, machines and AI will occupy new roles on construction sites.

09:45 Border separations in the US

US Correspondent, Steve Almond has more details about the criticism facing President Trump over tougher policies which split children from their parents along the US border. It's a move intended to discourage illegal immigration, but it's caused a humanitarian crisis along the border and he'll also have news on further efforts by the White House's to delegitimize the Mueller probe by suggesting Trump was spied on by the FBI during his campaign.

Central American migrants traveling in the "Migrant Via Crucis" caravan are pictured as they head to El Chaparral border crossing in Tijuana, Baja California state, Mexico, on April 29, 2018.

Photo: AFP PHOTO / Guillermo Arias


10:05 New Zealand Birds of Prey. "Attitude with Altitude"

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Debbie Stewart has spent decades dedicated to the predatory birds of New Zealand. She's the founder of Wingspan based in Rotorua, the conservation, education and research organisation for birds of prey. Debbie has written a book - called The Hunters: The Precarious Lives of New Zealand's Birds of Prey. She talks to Kathryn about the raptors she describes as "attitude with altitude".

10:35 NZ Books review - Are Friends Electric by Helen Heath

Harry Ricketts reviews "Are Friends Electric" by Helen Heath, published by VUP.      

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Business: How are Insurers behaving?

The Financial Markets Authority and Reserve Bank send a “let us how you’re behaving” letter to life insurers, following on from their recent and similar letter to banks and Fonterra lifts its forecast for its pay out this season but cuts dividend as investor and shareholder sentiment starts to turn against it.

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11:30 Founder of online fashion marketplace: Designer Wardrobe

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Donielle Brooke is the founder of the online fashion business Designer Wardrobe, an online marketplace where where users list, buy, sell and rent designer clothing and accessories. The business now has 100,000 members, and has opened a physical store in Grafton in Auckland, where customers can try on rental outfits for special occasions. Last year it crowdsourced nearly $2 million over several days - to improve its technology platform and build the business. Spark's CEO Simon Moutter and GrabOne founder Shane Bradley are directors of the company. Donielle tells Kathryn her idea was born out of adversity when a cancer diagnosis forced her to sell her clothes.

11:45 Media: Stay of execution for the Kaikoura Star

The Kaikoura Star threatened with the chopping block has had a reprieve: NZ media collaborate with Greenpeace to put the fishing industry under the microscope and a civil claim brought by National Business Review’s publisher against its former columnist Matthew Hooton. Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald.  He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz

File photo of fishing vessels.

File photo of fishing vessels. Photo: 123RF