09:05 GCSB points to Russian cyber attacks on NZ

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As the US and UK issue a joint warning about worldwide cyber attacks, the Government Communications Security Bureau names Russia as being behind some of the 122 serious incidents last year.  In a rare joint alert, the United States and Britain have warned that hackers backed by the Russian government have infected computer routers around the world. The GCSB director-general Andrew Hampton confirms there are signs New Zealand organisations have been directly threatened by Russian state and state sponsored actors.

09:20 Streaming now majority of music revenue

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The New Zealand music industry has experienced its third double digit percentage growth in revenue from recorded music. For the first time, the streaming giants - Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon Music - have provided the majority of the cash, a 42 per cent increase on the 2016 figures. But figures are still 30 per cent below the peak in wholesale music revenue the country used to see more than a decade ago. Kathryn Ryan speaks with the chief executive of Recorded Music, Damian Vaughan.

09:30 Digging up the past: Hallie Buckley & Peter Petchey

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A series of exhumations from grave sites in the South Island at Lawrence and Milton are revealing more about the lives of our early settlers. The Otago Historic Cemeteries Bioarchaeology Project is in its second stage at Lawrence, focusing on the remains of Chinese settlers who came for the Gold Rush in the 1860's.  It's giving up clues about health, diet, overall quality of life and burial traditions. A similar project at St John's Burial Ground in Milton in 2016 focussed on European settlers. Project leaders University of Otago Department of Anatomy professor Hallie Buckley and Department of Anthropology and Archaeology professor Peter Petchey tell Kathryn Ryan what they've discovered so far.

09:45 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton

The Australian Greens have won the backing of a former head of the Australian Federal Police in unveiling a policy to legalise cannabis for personal use; hundreds of Australian companies caught up in Russian cyber attack; and the organising committee for the Commonwealth Games is under fire for deciding to omit the athletes from the closing ceremony.

10:05 Kathryn Bonella: Operation Playboy

Author of Operation Playboy, Kathryn Bonella.

Author of Operation Playboy, Kathryn Bonella. Photo: Supplied / Macmillan

True-crime writer and journalist Kathryn Bonella has travelled the world to collect unprecedented, first-person testimony from an international network of drug smugglers and their bosses, as well as the elite cops who are chasing after them. It all began in 2004 when she produced the first interview with convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby. After moving to Bali and spending hundreds of hours in the infamous Kerokoban Prison, she was able to make connections with those in the industry, uncovering their stories along the way.

10:35 Book review

Harry Broad reviews Dancing with the King: The Rise and Fall of the King Country, 1864-1885 by Michael Belgrave, published by Auckland University Press.

10:45 The Reading: Page Numbers 2018

Volcano by Mia Gaudin, read by Marguerite Tait-Jamieson.

11:05 Music with Yadana Saw

Eight contenders, but only one winner.

Eight contenders, but only one winner. Photo: Image: Supplied/RNZ

Music 101's Yadana Saw plays the winner of last night's Taite Music Prize, featuring a look at the award's namesake, Dylan Taite.

11:20 Scamming the spammer: James Veitch

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Suspicious emails, unclaimed bonds, Nigerian princes; standard procedure is to delete on sight. But what if you replied?  British comedian, bestselling author and fastest ever TED Talker to reach over two million views James Veitch talks Kathryn Ryan through perfecting the art of playing the internet imposters at their own game.  He's appearing in Wellington and Auckland at the NZ International Comedy Festival.

11:45 Science commentator Kathy Campbell

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Professor Kathy Campbell is a geologist, paleoecologist and astrobiologist at the University of Auckland. Today she joins Kathryn Ryan from the SETICon 2 convention in California, discussing the growing problem of space junk orbiting the Earth. Also the imminent launch of NASA's new telescope that should find thousands of planets beyond our Solar System.