09:05 Is Donald Trump eyeing return to TPP?

Donald Trump at the White House Generation Next Summit

Donald Trump at the White House Generation Next Summit Photo: AFP

The US President Donald Trump appears to be considering a return to the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Republican Senators in Washington say President Trump has asked his top trade officials to look into rejoining the TPP which he railed against during his election campaign, and from which the U.S. withdrew last year. Eleven Pacific Rim countries, including New Zealand, signed a revised trade agreement last month which is yet to be ratified. Lynn Freeman speaks with New Zealand trade commentator and former negotiator, Charles Finny.

09:20 Stopping Groundhog Day in disability services

A common complaint in disability services is around a poverty of experiences, expectations and connections for people with cognitive disabilities. Where for many every day can feel like Groundhog Day, with people stuck doing the same activities, on repeat. Vancouver-based Dr Sarah Schulman, CEO of Inwithforward wants to change this. She's behind a new online learning and volunteer platform called Kudoz. It's being described as like an Airbnb for real world learning! Sarah has been presenting to the NZ Disability Support Network conference and is working with a group of New Zealanders to establish Kudoz NZ.

09:30 Sandra Walker: The Dog Share Collective

The Dog Share Collective is a community-led social enterprise connecting people who have dogs with people who love dogs, but can't have commit to having one full-time. Lynn Freeman meets founder and General Dogsbody, Sandra Walker.

09:45 Asia correspondent Anna Fifield

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe prepares to meet US President Donald Trump. They used to be in lock-step on North Korea but now Trump is holding a summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un and has slapped steel tariffs on Japan. Is their bromance dead? Also, toxic alcohol has caused more than 100 people to die in Indonesia in April, as a consequence of the black market, and China's sperm bank wants proof of loyalty to the Communist Party.

New Zealander Anna Fifield is The Washington Post's bureau chief in Tokyo.

10:05 "Make a Hard Fist" -  fighting off unwanted attention

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Photo: 2013 Carole Grant

Taupo-based writer Tina Shaw, talks to Lynn Freeman about her latest book for teenagers, Make a Hard Fist on how to deal with unwanted attention. Set in West Auckland, it's about 16-year-old Lizzie Quinn, who is seriously assaulted after receiving anonymous letters from a stalker. Tina's message is one of resilience, and fighting back. The book includes an appendix of self defence techniques. Tina Shaw is the winner of the 2018 Tessa Duder Book Award for young adults.

If you or someone you know has been affected by subjects talked about in this interview, one or more of these services might be able to give you, or direct you, to support:

10:35 Unity Books review

Melanie O'Loughlin reviews House of Impossible Beauties by Joseph Cassara, published by One World.

10:45 The Reading: Page Numbers 2018

Nostalgia by KL Griffith, read by Harriet Prebble.

11:05 New music with Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor checks out Phoebe Bridgers' rich, melancholy debut, expat Kiwis The Eversons' new musical project Superorganism and a new release from the latest musical endeavour from superb local singer-songwriter Andrew Spittle.

11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

Brendan Telfer has a wrap of the the Commonwealth Games so far, including how we're going on the medal table and the sad case of weightlifter Laurel Hubbard; also Israel Folau's Twitter condemnation of gay people, and one of great our All Black fullbacks, Fergi McCormick passes away mid week. 

11:45 The week that was with James Eliott and Irene Pink

Our comedians take a look at the lighter side of the week including the story about a smoke machine at an an Auckland Zumba class causing a fire service callout. 

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