09:05 Trillion-tonne iceberg breaks off Antarctica

An one-trillion-tonne iceberg, more than six times the size of Auckland, has broken away from Antarctica and is now adrift in the Weddell sea. At roughly 6,000 square kilometres, it's one of the biggest icebergs ever recorded, to break away from the continent. An American satellite observed the iceberg while passing over a region known as the Larsen C Ice Shelf, near the south Atlantic. It had been expected to break off, for more than a decade now, but the cracking off the shelf had been accelerating rapidly in the past three years. Kathryn Ryan speaks with the director of Victoria University's Antarctic Research Centre, Andrew Mackintosh.

09:15 Mosul's Liberation: the long road ahead

Members of the Iraqi federal police wave national flags during a parade in the Old City of Mosul on 2 July 2017.

Members of the Iraqi federal police wave national flags during a parade in the Old City of Mosul on 2 July 2017. Photo: AFP

The black flags that proclaimed allegiance to the Islamic State group have been replaced, in Mosul, by the red, white and black flag of Iraq. It's a significant blow to ISIS, but it's still only a step toward defeating the militant group. Kathryn Ryan talks to Barak Barfi – a research fellow at the New America Foundation where he specializes in Arab and Islamic affairs.

09:25 Child protection and why we must understand parent anger too

We often hear about improving the experience of young people in child protection services, and rightly so, but what of the experience of parents? University of Canterbury's Dr Anne Scott is principal investigator on the child custody project, which is exploring decision making in child protection and family court cases when they struggle with mental illness and/or addiction.

09:45 UK correspondent Matthew Parris

10:05 Diana Jones: Leadership Material

Kathryn Ryan talks to leadership coach Diana Jones about how to develop the "soft" skills that she says are critical to good leadership. Diana has spent 30 years advising executive teams in New Zealand's public and private institutions.

10:35 Book review

10:45 The Reading

11:05 New technology with Robbie Allan

Robbie tells Kathryn Ryan about Google's record NZ$3.7 billion fine. Also, a trade association of US newspapers has asked for permission to band together in order to negotiate more effectively against Facebook and Google.

11.25 Spelling for success


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Professor Tom Nicholson is a specialist in children's literacy at Massey University's Institute of Education. He tells  Kathryn Ryan that a child who learns to spell properly is more likely to reach their full potential in life. Concerned that in an age of digital messaging spelling has become the 'Cinderella' of literacy education, Dr Nicholson says being a good speller is vital – especially for formal writing like job applications. He thinks phonics are the key to cracking the code. Test your own spelling here.

11:45 Film review with Tamar Munch

A review of the new series of Westside on Three, Netflix's Nobody Speak, and Wizard of Lies on SoHo.

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