09:05 Why is DoC "neutral" on a new coal mine in a nature reserve?​

 The proposed mine site at Mt Te Kuha near Westport Photo Neil Silverwood

The proposed mine site at Mt Te Kuha, near Westport. Photo: Neil Silverwood Photo: Neil Silverwood

Environmental groups says the Department of Conservation is being forced to take a neutral stance on projects which could damage to the environment by lumping its concern together with other government agencies focused on economic benefits. Kathryn Ryan speaks to Kevin Hackwell, the advocacy manager at Forest and Bird and Gary Taylor from the Environmental Defence Society.

09:20  Digital reading programme, no internet required

Wendy Pye

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For 3 decades Sunshine Books founder Dame Wendy Pye has helped millions of school children learn to read. Wendy tells Kathryn Ryan how the latest way of doing this is a plan to sell affordable pre-loaded tablets to families in areas with no internet connections.

John Curtice

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09:45 UK correspondent: John Curtice

One of Britain's top polling experts, Professor of Politics at Strathclyde University John Curtice tells Kathryn Ryan what we should expect in tonight's general election.


10:05 What makes Aussies tick?

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For the past 10 years, Rebecca Huntley has travelled thousands of kilometers across Australia sitting in the corner of livings rooms, drinking tea and listening to people talk about the issues that matter to them. She's one of Australia's foremost researchers on social and consumer trends. She's the former Director of Ipsos Mind and Mood Report  the longest running study on community attitudes. She talks with Kathryn about what makes Australians tick, what worries them, and what they care and don't care about.

10:35 Book review

Anne Else reviews Husband Hunters by Anne de Courcy, published by Hachette NZ

10:45 The Reading

'The Forrests' by Emily Perkins told by Fiona Samuel 

11:05 New technology

Andy Linton discusses the internet of things and why hackers have home routers in their sights.

11:25 Homework: beneficial or burden?


Homework Photo: PHOTO NZ

Education consultant and parenting commentator Joseph Driessen has been weighing up the arguments over homework. He talks to Kathryn about how families can create a culture of learning at home.

11:45 TV Review

Sarah McMullen reviews Wonder Woman, The Handmaid's Tale and The Mummy.