09:05 Property NZ's biggest industry

A new report from the property council shows the property industry contribution to GDP is now bigger than manufacturing, agriculture and health. Kathryn Ryan talks with Chief Executive Conal Townsend.

09:15 Time for radical approaches to protect our environment?

Whangaui River

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Anthropologist Professor Dame Anne Salmond explores new frameworks for protecting New Zealand's rivers and the rights of all of us to enjoy them. Meanwhile environmental law expert at the University of Auckland Professor Klaus Bosselmann is calling on the UN to adopt the idea of Earth trusteeship to protect the planet from environmental degradation.

9:20 How to make your veggies last longer

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Photo: Love Food Hate Waste

Sick of foods going off in your fridge before you even have the chance to eat them? New research from the University of Otago has revealed the best home storage methods to lengthen the shelf life of vegetables. Dr Miranda Mirosa is a Senior Lecturer, in Consumer Food Science at the University of Otago.

09:45 UK correspondent Kate Adie

Kate Adie reports on election campaign fever in the UK newspapers, why well known journalist Kelvin McKenzie has been sacked, and Prince Philip's retirement.

10:05 Rising business star Cassandra Crowley

Cassandra Crowley

Cassandra Crowley Photo: supplied

Cassandra Crowley is trying to keep her profession relevant in a swiftly changing business environment, she is the 37 year old President of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. She is also the general manager/kai tumuaki of  Hawera based Te Korowai o Ngaruahine and is passionate about the growing potential of the Maori economy

10:35 Book review

John King reviews Haruki Murakami's Men Without Women

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Why Alexa isn't coming to NZ

Technology Correspondent, Jonathan Mosen talks to Kathryn Ryan about how NZ is missing out on a consumer product category that's taking larger countries like the US and UK by storm, smart speakers you can talk to.

11:25 Caring for new mothers in the first weeks

Post-partum doula, Jo Hogan talks to Kathryn Ryan about the importance of caring for not just babies but caring for mothers in the first 6 to 12 weeks after childbirth. Jo runs the BellaMama pregnancy wellness centre in Auckland.

11:45 Porn, God and Selfies - TV Review

Tamar Munch has been watching Netflix documentary series Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, Amazon Prime TV drama American Gods and Facebook's Comedian and Snapchat Dude Tom Sainsbury.