09:05 Good school health services halve suicide attempts

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New research on youth wellbeing finds that schools with well resourced health teams can halve suicide attempts and depression rates, but only 10 per cent of New Zealand secondary schools have such a service. The research has been done by Dr Simon Denny an Associate Professor and Paediatrician working at the Centre for Youth Health in South Auckland and University of Auckland.

09:20 Queenstown homeowners offer rooms after plea from ski boss

Central Queenstown.

Central Queenstown. Photo: 123rf.com

At least 50 Queenstown homeowners have come forward offering rooms to ski field employees after a plea from the head of the mountain company. Paul Anderson, Chief Executive of NZ Ski, which operates Coronet Peak and The Remarkables, made a public appeal two weeks ago for anyone with a spare room in Queenstown to consider renting it out to help house his staff this winter. He tells Kathryn Ryan a further 250 staff still need homes.

09:25 The cost of backyard bird feeding

Kathryn Ryan talks to University of Auckland ecologist Josie Galbraith about how New Zealanders' passion for feeding birds in their backyards costs an awful lot of bread. Her PhD research has found that the equivalent of five million loaves a year are being thrown to the birds.

09:45 Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney

France's choice between the far-right and a young independent who's never held elected office, and thousands sacked in the latest purge in Turkey where new censorship measures have been announced.

10:05 Dame Margaret Bazley - six decades in the public service

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Photo: Government House

Kathryn Ryan talks with Dame Margaret Bazley as she retires from the public service after 60 years. She has worked across a range of sectors, from health to welfare, transport, the Fire Service and most recently as Commissioner of Environment Canterbury. She's also conducted countless government inquiries and reviews including into police conduct, Auckland governance, the legal aid system and more.

10:35 Book review

Pay Dirt: ‘The Westland Goldfields’ from the Diary of William Smart by Hilary Low, reviewed by Harry Broad.

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Political commentators Stephen Mills & Matthew Hooton

11:30  Jay Rayner's 10 food commandments, & yes he does want plates!

He has chefs quaking in his boots - and is the master of skewering all manner of heinous crimes against food, and good taste. Jay Rayner  is the Observer's restaurant critic and recently made headlines with a brutally honest review of 'Le Cinq' restaurant in Paris. He's bringing his one-man show The Ten (Food) Commandments, based on his 2016 book of the same name to the Auckland Writers Festival on May 19th.

11:45 Urbanist Bill McKay​

Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture and Planning, Bill McKay talks to Kathryn Ryan about co-living and co-housing.  Once associated with hippies and alternative lifestylers, co-living and co-housing has gone mainstream, offering affordable housing solutions and a sense of community.