09:05 Aging parents struggle caring for disabled children

An Auckland-based group, Disability Connect, has spoken to more than 50 families and says many are tired of fighting for support and are fearful of what will happen to their children when they are no longer there to advocate for them. The group's chair is Colleen Brown - a member of the Auckland district health board and herself a carer for her adult son who has Down Syndrome. 

09:20 "I felt like a third wheel"

dad and baby

dad and baby Photo: pixabay

Two of the country's DHBs are reviewing their policies on whether fathers of newborns or support people should be allowed to stay overnight on post-natal wards. Kathryn Ryan talks to two dads calling for a change, and the head of maternity services at Lakes District Health Board - the only one in the country which encourages fathers or partners to stay.

09:30 Are your genes to blame when your jeans don't fit?

Giles Yeo

Giles Yeo Photo: Supplied

Cambridge geneticist and BBC TV presenter Dr Giles Yeo talks to Kathryn Ryan about why only certain people get type-2 diabetes or are obese.  Dr Yeo is giving 6 lectures in New Zealand, including a free talk in Auckland covering the latest advances in our understanding of the genetics regulating our appetite, metabolism and weight.

09:45 Africa correspondent Debora Patta

Just returned from reporting in South Sudan Deborah tells Kathryn Ryan about the famine that's gripped the nation due to its civil war and why South Africa's credit rating has just been downgraded to junk status by two ratings agencies.

10:05 Mt Ruapehu survivor scales Antarctic mountain

William Pike talks to Kathryn Ryan about his adventures since losing his leg after an accident on Mt Ruapehu. He has become an inspirational speaker, and the youth development programme, set up in his name, has spread across New Zealand. His latest adventure was an 18 hour climb up Mt Scott  for The Antarctic Heritage Trust to encourage the spirit of exploration.

10:35 Book review

Gail Pittaway reviews The Shadow Land by Elizabeth Kostova

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Political commentators Stephen Mills and Matthew Hooton

Matthew and Stephen discuss how political parties will respond to Auckland's funding headaches, changes to the Reserve Bank Act and New Zealand's cautious response to the USA's dramatic policy change in Syria.

11:30 Making stock from food scraps

Kathryn Ryan talks to Nelson food writer Nicola Galloway about saving food scraps to make stock and about thinking twice about what you throw out. Nicola has recipes for 'compost' vegetable stock, and also fish stock, and chicken stock. They're from her latest book Homegrown Kitchen.

11:45 Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne

Kennedy Warne talks to Kathryn Ryan about the rehabilitation of urban streams and how methods from human medicine can be used to treat sick rivers.