09:05  Are struggling families on govt's 2017 to-do list ?

Will investing in families, especially the least advantaged, be a priority under an English-led government this election year? Kathryn Ryan talks to Jonathan Boston, a Professor of Public Policy at Wellington's Victoria University, about what the policy could look like.

09:30 Trump in the Big League, will it be ok ?

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Photo: AFP

William Danvers is a Senior National Security Fellow at the Centre for American Progress. He formerly served under Leon Panetta at the CIA and John Kerry at the State Department.

09:45 Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney

 Amid protests, Europe takes deep breath as it prepares for difficult dealings with President Trump and tragedy hits twice in Italy.

10:05 'War Boy' has high hopes for 2017

Former Sudanese child soldier, Deng Adut, talks to Kathryn Ryan about his homeland, and being forced to fight in a war he eventually escaped.  He is now a refugee advocate & lawyer in Sydney - and is in the running for Australian of the Year. 

10:35 Book review - Best of Summer Family Reading

Stella Chrysostomou from Volume bookstore reviews the Iremonger series by Edward Carey
and Jonathan Stroud's Lockwood & Co books.

10:45 The Reading

Blessed Are by Sara-Kate Lynch, read by Ginette McDonald (Part 1 of 10)

11:05 Politics with Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills​

Matthew and Stephen set the scene for politics in 2017.

11:30 Home cooked Chinese New Year

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Steamed Flounder. Cooked thickened tomatoes with stir fried green pepper slices can be used as a topping. Photo: Carolyn King

Carolyn King talks to Kathryn Ryan about her love of Chinese home cooking and recreating the dishes that her grand-parents would have cooked before coming to New Zealand. She is the author of  Por Por's Cookbook. She has recipes for steamed whole fish and Vegetarian Jai.

11:45 The state of housing & what to look out for in 2017

Bill McKay is Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland.

State house’ art work on Auckland wharf

State house’ art work on Auckland wharf Photo: Auckland Council