09:05 Reeling in the year 2016

Rod Oram, Siouxsie Wiles, Lara Strongman and Gavin Ellis look back on the year in business, science, viewing and media

Christmas Dinner

09:20 The history of Christmas Dinner

Kathryn Ryan talks to Katie Cooper, a historian at Te Papa who's an expert in the social history of food in New Zealand  with a particular interest in rural areas during the colonial period. She's just recently written an article digesting the history of Christmas Dinner in New Zealand.

09:40 The magical Rotorua Redwoods Nightlights

Kathryn talks with award winning lighting and furniture designer, David Trubridge, whose latest project is the installation of 30 huge lantern creations in Rotorua's redwood Treewalk, to create the Redwoods Nightlights. Visitors can now view the 110 year old trees at night, from a series of 23 suspension bridges. Also Treewalk Director, Kellie Thomasen.

10:05 Sonny "running man" Iosefo

Sonny Iosefo at RNZ

Sonny Iosefo at RNZ Photo: supplied

Kathryn Ryan meets South Auckland Police Sergeant Sonny Iosefo, who took the world by storm with the running man challenge.

10:35 Best music of 2016

After much deliberation and gnashing of teeth, Jeremy Taylor of Slow Boat Records selects top tracks from his fave 5 albums of 2016.

11:05 Nine to Noon Christmas special

Te Radar, Tommy Honey and Kennedy Warne in his pink crocs

Te Radar, Tommy Honey and Kennedy Warne in his pink crocs Photo: RNZ/Glenda Wakeham

Kennedy Warne, Tommy Honey, Te Radar and Pinky Agnew help us bid farewell to 2016, with the help of Wellington chamber choir Nota Bene.

11:20 How are things in Kaikoura?

Ari Boyd

Ari Boyd Photo: supplied

Kathryn Ryan checks in with Kaikoura Maori warden, Ari Boyd. Since the earthquake last month a small team of local Maori Wardens have been on the go, checking on locals.

11:30 Christmas in the Republic of Hat

Where exactly is the Republic of Hat and how do you spend Christmas there? We find out from a chap known as Hat who's lived in the area for more than 30 years.